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The mission of the Berkeley Student Cooperative is to provide a quality, low-cost, cooperative housing community to university students, thereby providing an educational opportunity for students who might not otherwise be able to afford a university education.

Guiding Documents

Articles of Incorporation

This document represents our relationship with the State of California. This cannot be changed without approval from the state.


Policy Directory

Administrative Code (AdCode)

Personnel Code (PerCode)

Employee Association Contract

Member Contract

Miscellaneous Policies

Project Proposal Application

ED Job Description

Hal Norton Cooperative House Award

Appendix A: Information for Board Reps

Parliamentary Procedure

Policy Proposal Form

Appendix B: Information for Student Executives

Minutes- Philosophy of Practice for VPs President’s Living Documents Executive Director Review guidelines Board Manual Editing Instructions Work Logs and Job Manual Guidelines

Appendix C: Information for Administrative Assistants

Overview of minutes & formatting How IRV Works

Appendix D: General Organizational Information

Organizational Chart BSC Profile Ownership Status BSC Representation and Votes