Minutes- Philosophy of Practice for VPs

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Think about three distinct audiences for minutes.

ONE. Board reps: Do they have all the information they need? Did you provide all the content/specific policy wording for them?

TWO. Random member: They care primarily about minutes-overviews. Are the overviews concise, clear, and comprehensive?

THREE. An executive 10 years from now: They primarily care about the minutes-overviews. Imagine someone is trying to do some organizational research about the BSC in 2017: can this person skim through 10 years worth of minutes and look for particular themes? Can they tell exactly what the final decision was? Did you include the YEAR for these minutes?

Minutes Procedure

1. Your AA types up the minutes
2. Your AA edits them and sends you their final copy
3. You edit them to whatever standards you were raised with.
4. You write a VERY SHORT OUTLINE OF YOUR MINUTES. This should be a SEPARATE FILE from the minutes. Use bullet points. They should look like this:

PopCom Meeting @ Lothlorien. Tuesday, Oct 2, 2007

Motions Passed:
• Defined what a “Petition” is
• Discussion of “report card” for house management to fill out for their respective staff coordinator. We need to create the report card. We are going to get input from the presidents/managers council and hopefully have this ready to go by the Oct 25, 2007 board meeting.
• Discussion of Manager-Oversight Policy. Report backs from B. Reps who had talked to their house management. Consolidated feedback. We’ll continue to review this.
• Discussed the possibility of getting solar panels since the market is good right now (there are state incentives).

5. You send both the minutes and the outline to the board AA, (boardaa@bsc.coop) and CC THE PRESIDENT!!!!
6. Supplementary materials. If your committee has voted on some policy or item that is going to board, you MUST send the Board AA (AND CC THE PRESIDENT!) your “policy proposal” sheet (which you have already filled out since you used it when bringing your policy to your committee). These materials go in a separate place in the board pack than your minutes.

Here are some important notes in case you didn’t read the above part thoroughly

YOU MUST SEND IN AT LEAST TWO SEPARATE FILES: 1. THE FULL-MINUTES, 2. THE MINUTES-OUTLINE. They will go in different places in the board pack.
SEND IN ANY SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS SEPARATELY! If your committee is sending something to be discussed/voted-on at board, then you must send in the supplementary materials (policy proposal, history, whatever) separately. They go in a different place in the board pack.
• In the name of all that is holy PLEASE CC THE PRESIDENT.