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Author: JimmyBob JimBob (vpia@bsc.coop)

Name of Policy: Petitions

Belief in miracles: ( y / n ) (circle one)

Brief description of proposal:

Define what constitutes a valid petition.

Refers to any BSC policy or by-law that has a petition as a mechanism:

Stakeholders: All members who want to circulate BSC policy or By-Law related petitions.

Pertinent History:

Since the inception of the BSC, petitions have been used as a mechanism to enact change in the organization. In the last two years there have been three petitions circulated in the BSC

  1. A membership petition to reduce board size
  2. An IRC Petition and
  3. A membership petition to reverse the Manager Oversight Policy.

However, we currently cannot insure that

  1. ) members understand the content of a given petition and
  2. ) there is a way to validate signatures in a petition.

Goals: Set criteria for transparent, verifiable petitions.

Specific changes:

Add the following text under a new section I.D.4. of Policy Directory

These are the minimal requirements for a valid petition:

  1. The exact wording of a proposed position must be included on any petition. The content must be clear and concise.
  2. The authors of the petition and their affiliations must be clearly identified at the top of the petition.
  3. A petition must legibly include the following signatory information in addition to the signature
    1. Each signer’s name in print
    2. At least two unique pieces of traceable information that makes it possible to confirm the identity and participation of each signer.