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How to update a job title?

What does “Moving” a page do? (The “Move” tab is located at the top menu)

  1. Do this when you want to edit a job title that is associated with another page that has a different link
    • Click the page you want to edit the TITLE
      • At the top of this page, click “MOVE”
  2. Type in the NEW TITLE and reason for the edit
  3. Click “Move Page” at the bottom
  4. Now, you can go back to the previous page where you want to change the TITLE to change after the above is done.

How to embed a weblink in your content?

Use this policy as reference and example: https://policy.bsc.coop/index.php/III:_Reservations_by_Existing_Members

Embed Link: Section XXII Foot Note: (note: look at bottom of published page to see the Category linked to the page.)

How to edit a job description?

Go to page, click “EDIT” at the top menu Make your edits Type in the “SUMMARY” section the reason for your edits i.e. /* Added the updated job description to this position as it was missing the link */ Click “PREVIEW” OR “SHOW CHANGES” It’s very important to review your edits for accuracy Click “SAVE”

How to remove an item from a TOC to another page?

For example from the Guiding Document page Copy the item(s) to be removed exactly how it is in typed in the “edit page” on a Notepad/Sticky Notes Delete the item(s) to be removed; then save the changes Now, go to the page where you want to move the item(s) to; Add it in that TOC; then save the changes Now, open the item that was just added; open the edit page, then go to the bottom where the “Category path” is located. Now copy and paste the item you just put on the Notepad/Sticky Notes; Save your changes. Done!

Helpful Wiki Markup Snippets



====ii. Position Description for House Managers====
::ii. '''Position Description for House Managers'''

alpha list bullets

<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;">
  <li>Armenian type</li>
  <li>Coca Cola</li>
  1. Armenian type
  2. Tea
  3. Coca Cola

<br /> = line break

Codes for displaying the above content in the pink box:

| date = Spring 2014, [https://policy.bsc.coop/index.php?title=Berkeley_City_Liaison&oldid=1501 presumably]
| note = This position no longer exists.

How to color a sentence?

Information about the source of priority status should be held confidential. Disclosing information which could lead to a priority status is always optional, and must not be labeled as required.

Side Notes:


The above is used when you want to disclose some wiki markups in the published page and tell wiki that it is not a format part of this page