XXVII: Conflict of Interest

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Conflict of Interest Policy pertaining to persons sitting on a committee at which an adjudication motion is being heard. The Committee Chair will ask all members to divulge potential conflicts of interests. A person sitting on a committee may not serve on the hearing of an adjudication matter or an appeal of a hearing if:

A. If the person feels they cannot rule on the case in an entirely objective manner.

B. The person was otherwise involved in the matter being heard (e.g. an involved party in the policy violation complaint).

C. The Chair of the Committee has reason to believe the person may not be able to serve in a purely objective manner.

D. The person is the Chair of the Committee and the staff representative decides they may be unable to serve in a purely objective manner. The Chair shall be replaced by the appropriate Member Advisor.

E. The decision may, in the judgement of the chair, confer a tangible benefit or detriment to the person.

F. Recusal from a hearing per this section shall be considered unusual and extraordinary. Replacements are subject to the requirements of this section in addition to the committee requirements.