XXI: Missing Persons Policy

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XXI.A. Preamble

The Berkeley Student Cooperative takes the welfare of our members very seriously and has procedures in place to provide for each member’s well-being. Any member who believes that another member may be missing should not hesitate to report it to City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD) or the University of California Police Department (UCPD) immediately.

XXI.B. For Members’ Safety

1. While completing their profile information via the online member portal, each member is required to register the name and contact information of a person that they would like to be notified if they are found to be missing for 24 hours and can not be located through reasonable outreach and investigation.
2. Any member who wishes to update contact information may do so at any time by editing their profile information via the online member portal.
3. The BSC will notify the custodial parent or guardian of any missing member who is under 18 regardless of the listed contact information, as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

XXI.C. If a Member is Concerned About Another Member

1. Any member who is concerned that another member appears to be missing and is concerned about the missing member’s well-being and hasn’t been able to establish contact for 24 hours should contact the unit manager respective to the missing member, or should contact the UC Berkeley Police Department (510-642-6760) or the Berkeley Police Department.
2. A member (“the reporting member”) who reports another missing member to a unit manager will be asked to
a. file an incident report with the unit manager that will include:
i. the date and time of the last contact with the missing member
ii. any concern for the missing member’s well-being (was the member sad, mad, upset, or hurt during previous communications?)
iii. any contact information that is available for the missing member (cell number, family contact information), and
iv. a description of any attempts the reporting member has made to contact the missing member and the outcomes of those attempts
b. The unit manager will contact the Operations Manager (OM) who will follow up on the concern. The OM will also attempt to reach the missing member via phone and e-mail. The OM may also contact UCPD/BPD for additional follow-up if necessary. UCPD/BPD may need to speak to the reporting member for any clarification they deem necessary for the well-being of the missing member.
c. If the reporting member hears from the missing member or has additional information after filing the incident report, they should re-notify the unit manager.