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XV.A. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, neither this corporation nor any unit thereof shall take a position on any issue which is not directly concerned with this organization, its units, or with the cooperative movement in general. The corporation’s facilities shall not be used by other organizations, groups or individuals except under conditions prescribed or approved by the Board of Directors.
XV.B. Upon the affirmative vote, or written assent of two-thirds of the entire Membership, the corporation may take a position on any issue, unless the proposed position would, if adopted, endanger the tax exempt status of the organization, as determined by the appropriate federal, state or local governmental agency. If corporate funds are to be involved, the initiative petition and/or referendum ballot must so indicate. The exact wording of the proposed position must be included on the initiative petition or referendum ballot. It is the intent of the Board of Directors in adopting this article that the President and/or Secretary shall be responsible for making inquiries to the appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that our tax status is not endangered prior to any referendum and prior to any public announcement of an official BSC position.

[Membership approved 3/19/15.]