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Grievances concerning rates of pay, classification of positions, hours of work, and other conditions of employment as well as disciplinary action may be appealed to the Personnel Appeals Committee. Any employee has the right to make an appeal without prejudicing their employment.


1. Any worker at the house or Central Level who feels they have been treated in violation of BSC policies may present a complaint to their supervisor, the Executive Director, the Operations Manager, or the Fair Employment Practices Administrator. It shall be the responsibility of the complainant to present evidence supporting the grievance.
a. The person who receives such a complaint shall investigate the complaint and take such action as they deem necessary within ten working days of receipt of the complaint.
b. All such complaints shall be reported to the chair of Personnel Appeals Committee and the Fair Employment Practices Administrator (and to the supervisor and/or Executive Director, if appropriate), along with a report of any action taken. The Member Advocate shall also receive notice of any complaint involving a BSC member at the time it is made.
c. The person making the complaint may request that it be kept confidential, and will receive notice of the investigation and action taken within ten working days.
2. In no case shall a person be dismissed in order to reinstate or hire another person who was improperly dismissed.
3. Any worker with a grievance may have the Member Advocate, another BSC member, or another staff person appear with them in any step of a grievance procedure.

[Updated 04/25/13, 04/12/12, 1/27/22]