VII.U Conduct Case Temporary Relocation Policy

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1. A respondent in a Tier 3 Conduct case that is determined to be substantive by the Mediation and Conduct Committee Liaison (MCCL) will be temporarily relocated to an isolated apartment unit if available in the following circumstances as an interim measure in the interest of member health and safety:
a. The case involves a sexual violence allegation.
b. The MCCL, in consultation with member leaders and staff, determines that the situation warrants it.
2. This should be done as expediently as possible, while also developing a plan of action that ensures safety for the impacted individuals and communities. Such a plan should aim to minimize the risks of retaliation or escalating the situation.
3. If no isolated apartment is available, the MCCL will collaborate with member leaders and staff to choose another unit and a plan of action.
4. Before the relocation to another unit is made, BSC houses can temporarily relocate the respondent into an isolated room in their current unit with the discretion of the major manager team and/or MCCL guidance if needed.

[Updated as per Cabinet #5 (10.20.2022)]