VII.S Theft Policy

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BSC VII.S Theft Policy


Every member of the community should be aware that the BSC prohibits theft or attempted theft as it violates both law and BSC policy. While the BSC does not assume responsibility for losses incurred as a result of theft, we actively support and respond promptly to reports submitted. The BSC will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and when necessary, to discipline behavior that violates the Theft Policy.


Theft includes taking without expressed permission or, misappropriation of, any property or services of the BSC or property of others while on BSC property or at official BSC functions; or possession of any property that the person had knowledge was stolen even with an intent to return the property.

Specific violations of this policy include, but are not limited to:

1. The unauthorized taking, misappropriation, possession, retention or disposal of any property owned or maintained by the BSC, another member, a guest of a BSC unit, a person attending a BSC official event, or any other person; or
2. The unauthorized taking or use of any BSC owned or contracted service.


A violation of this policy will result in a range of sanctions up to and including, but not limited to a conditional contract, restitution, and/or membership termination.


All complaints regarding theft should be submitted via the BSC Conduct Complaint Form.

Approved by Board 3/21/19