VI.L. NASCO Institute Scholarship Program

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1.01 ETCom shall be the committee tasked with selecting the recipients of the NASCO Institute Scholarship Program.

1.02 The BSC will send as many members to the NASCO Institute as the budget permits.

1.03 The BSC will pay the full amount of the NASCO Institute registration fee for each respective scholarship recipient.

1.04 BSC attendance and funding guarantees will be regulated as follows:

A. The BSC President and the Vice-President of External Affairs are automatically awarded a scholarship to attend the NASCO Institute, regardless of previous attendance. However, they may yield their scholarship to another Cabinet Member and/or Board Member in the case that they may not attend the NASCO Institute.
B. The BSC will also fund the ED and/or the CExM to attend the NASCO Institute.
C. A additional staff-member may be chosen by senior staff to attend the NASCO Staff and Manager Conference and NASCO Institute annually.
D. Other members are not guaranteed funding for the NASCO institute, thus must apply for a scholarship through the normal application process.

1.05 All scholarship recipients are required to share their experiences at the NASCO Institute in some form as determined by ETCom.

1.06 ETCom has full discretion when choosing NASCO scholarship recipients.

[Board-approved 11/12/2015]