VI.I. Twin Pines Award (Pilot)

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A. Intention The Twin Pines Award is meant to provide a fun, engaging, educational, and social incentive to encourage new members to venture outside the boundaries of their house or apartment and familiarize themselves with the happenings and workings of the larger BSC community. The program will be piloted from Summer 2012 to Spring 2013, and will be considered for permanent implementation in Spring 2013.

B. Program Structure

1. All new members will receive an activity card along with their Owner’s Manual. The activity cards will include a list of eligible activities (described below in section C).
2. During the course of their first semester, members may progress towards the award by participating in any of the qualifying activities listed on the card.
3. When attending any of the qualifying activities, the new members are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate individual (indicated on the activity card) signs the card to verify their participation.
4. Once members complete at least six (6) of the activities on the card, they may submit the card to one of the receptionists at the BSC’s Central Office. The receptionist should store the card for future use in determining unit participation.
5. Upon receipt of a completed activity card, the receptionist will give the member their award, and the member will become eligible for any further prizes The awards will be kept by the Central Office front desk (or in an alternative readily accessible location).
6. The cards should be kept at the Central Office. At the end of the Fall and Spring contract periods, the units with the highest percentage of new members completing the award program (divided into Small, Medium, and Large units) should receive additional recognition, as determined by ETCom.

C. Qualifying Activities

Every activity on the card should include the name of the activity, any necessary instructions to complete the activity, and space for a qualified individual to verify the member’s participation (by providing the date, and their signature and email address). The activities are defined below:

“Go to your Central Level New Member Orientation” (Verifiable by the Member Resources Supervisor)
“Go to your first social event at your co-op.” (Verifiable by your Social Manager or House Manager)
“Go to at least two councils at your co-op.” (Verifiable by your unit President or House Manager)
“Go to a manager meeting at your co-op.” (Verifiable by your unit President or House Manager)
“Don’t get more than five hours behind in your workshift for your first twelve weeks.” (Verifiable by your Workshift Manager)
“Go to dinner at two other houses.” (Verifiable by any manager at the other house)
“Go on your first tour of the Central Office.” (Verifiable by any of the Central Office staff)
“Go to your first workshop anywhere in the BSC (Such as a CAW or Consent Workshop).” (Verifiable by a manager at the unit the workshop is taking place)
“Go to your first Board meeting.” (Verifiable by the BSC President.)
“Go to a meeting of one of Board’s committees.” (Verifiable by the chair of the committee.)
“Free activity. This can be whatever you like.” (Include a short reflection on the activity.)

D. Incentive Structure

1. Upon turning in an activity card with least six (6) completed activities, the member should receive an immediate, small reward. (the titular “Twin Pines Award”).
a. The reward(s) should be unique to the program, featuring the “Twin Pines” logo.
b. The reward design is up to the discretion of ETCom (pending available resources), but may take the form of stickers, water bottles, t-shirts, etc.
2. No sooner than week 13 of the contract period, ETCom should collect all the activity cards completed thus far in the semester, and award additional prizes via a raffle system. Members who completed between six (6) and nine (9) activities will receive one entry into the raffle.
a. Members who completed ten (10) activities will receive two entries into the raffle.
b. Members who completed more than ten (10) activities will receive three entries into the raffle.
c. ETCom will randomly draw the prize winners. The prize details are up to the discretion of ETCom (pending available resources), but may take the form of rent credit, gift certificates, etc. The prizes and awards should be publicized as early as possible in the contract period to maximize exposure and interest.

E. Roles and Responsibilities

1. The Education and Training committee is responsible for ensuring the appropriate design and revision of the cards and the award components, as well administering the raffle.
2. During Manager Trainings at the beginning of the semester, the Members Resources Supervisor should make sure to introduce the program and briefly review the responsibilities managers have towards verifying member participation.
3. The Member Resources Supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that an adequate supply of both the activity cards and the awards are available on hand, re-stocking as necessary.

[Board Approved 04/26/12;]