VI.H. Courtesy Room Policy

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A. Confirmed Guest Rooms

a. There are seven confirmed guest rooms across the BSC that would be used as temporary safe spaces.
b. One of these guest spaces is ADA accessible.

B. Parameters of use

a. Use of courtesy room is applicable pending unit transfer, conduct proceedings, or other appropriate recourse
b. Members feeling unsafe/threatened for any of the following reasons*
1. Sexual assault or harassment
2. Severe housemate conflicts involving harassment, substance abuse, mental health, or any extreme behavior
3. Mental health emergency
*Situations may not be limited to the above options and is up to the discretion of the Members Resource Supervisor

C. Process of using courtesy room

a. If a situation is brought up to a member/manager, it is that member or manager’s responsibility to exhaust all other options of mediation or resolution. If use of a courtesy room is then deemed appropriate, that member or manager should approach the President/House Manager/or directly to Member Resource Supervisor with the situation.
i. President/House Manager/member would get into contact with Member Resource Supervisor to confirm whether immediate transfer is available or use of a courtesy room is appropriate
ii. Member Resource Supervisor will assess courtesy room availability and choose appropriate space
1. In the case that a courtesy room is unavailable, the member shall be placed at a priority position on the transfer list
b. Member Resource Supervisor would correspond with House manager at house with courtesy room

D. Terms of stay

a. The maximum stay in a courtesy room is 7 days
1. Any longer, is under the discretion of the Member Resource Supervisor
b. Member must abide by House bylaws of house with courtesy room they are occupying
c. Workshift requirements during stay will be decided among the two unit’s Workshift Managers, with the member contributing workshift either through Central Office workshift or workshift in the unit the member is temporarily staying in
d. Member may not have overnight guests in courtesy room unless explicitly approved by House Manager

E. Use of unoccupied room

a. If the room is being used as a guest room, it is with the understanding that the room must be vacated and cleaned (fresh sheets, free of trash, etc.) immediately upon notice that the space is needed for courtesy room use
b. Guidelines for managers:
i. Only House Manager and Maintenance Manager should have key for room
ii. Key for guest room should not be given out. Room should not be left unlocked.
iii. Habitability of room should be maintained at all times
iv. Courtesy room policy/expectations must be communicated to all members of the unit at house level orientation if that unit has a courtesy room

[Board approved 4/16/15.]