VI.C. Guidelines for Sending E-mails

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1. Email content must be directly related to the BSC, including but not limited to:

a. Important member dates such as move in, move out, payment and contract due dates, and apartment bid information.
b. Events open to all co-opers such as General Membership Meetings, workshops, activities, and alumni events.
c. Co-op jobs.
d. Board decisions and elections.
e. BSC-wide news.

2. Emails will be sent on average no more than once per week.

3. All email recipients’ addresses will be suppressed.

4. A specific day and time should be established and advertised so that all members/staff can submit announcements, (e.g. emails will be sent on Tuesday at 1pm; submissions must be submitted by Tuesday at 10am).

5. BSC-wide emails will be sent by the Communications Coordinator who will seek advice from the Executive Director, Operations Manager, or President if they are unsure if these guidelines are met.

[Board Approved 02/16/2012]