V.C. Habitability Improvement

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All members of the Berkeley Student Cooperative who reside in a room & board house shall contribute at least three hours of labor, each Fall and Spring term, dedicated to Habitability Improvement (HI) (At the discretion of the unit’s manager team, the number of HI hours owed can be increased up to 5 hours per semester); boarders shall contribute at least two hours each Fall and Spring term; apartment residents shall contribute one half-hour each Fall and Spring term. Houses may amend their bylaws if they wish to require additional HI hours for boarders.

HI shall be completed in the unit where the member lives or boards, unless there is a central-level HI project.


1. In order to facilitate the completion of Habitability Improvement (HI) hours, the Unit-Level Habitability Coordinator and the Central-Level Habitability Coordinator shall organize HI projects.

2. HI projects should include tasks which go beyond regular workshift, but do not involve construction or demolition. HI projects must contribute to the habitability of the unit. Some example tasks include assisting with dump runs, deep cleanings, reorganizing entire rooms, painting, and landscaping projects.

3. Up to 25% of a unit’s HI hours can go towards small-scale capital improvement projects and/or projects that are not habitability-related (including Community Improvement Projects). This amount may be increased up to 75% if the unit has received a B or higher on the previous two habitability inspections at the discretion of the Operations Team.

4. The Unit-Level Habitability Coordinator shall levy fines on members for HI hours not completed by the end of the semester. These fines shall not exceed the product of two times the workshift rate per hour not completed.

[Last updated Spring 2020]