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Name of Proposal: Assault Policy Author: PopCom & OpCom Brief Description of Proposal: A small policy covering physical assault that’s divorced from some sort of harassement Preferred Rules of Engagement: Marquess of Queensberry (sober)/Street Rules (inebriated) Stakeholders: Everyone involved with a conduct complaint Pertinent History: The way our current policy manual is written, we explicitly say that punching someone in the face because they are a member of a particular racial or ethnic background, gender identification, political persuasion, etc. is not cool. However we are strangely silent on punching someone in the face because they stole your cheerios or simply because you’re a drunken ass. Technically, assault of the latter nature is not harassment and therefore we need something (small and clear) to explicitly forbid it. Goals: Stop the rampant incidences of fist-a-cuffs and have something on the books for completeness