Sustainability Coordinator

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General Job Description:

The Sustainability Coordinator helps reduce the BSC’s environmental impact through conservation, resource efficiency, education, and other innovative projects.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Inspire sustainability awareness and activism in the BSC through education:
  • Maintain a BSC Sustainability wiki or website as an online resource.
  • Present each semester at New Member Orientation, manager training (including Kitchen Manager training, regarding sustainable purchasing), Board training, and Maintenance Committee.
  • Update the Communications Coordinator about sustainability projects, achievements, and goals to share with the greater community.
  • Conduct an annual inter-house energy competition.
  • Hold weekly office hours at Central Office, acting as a resource for staff and members.
2. Initiate and implement projects that reduce the BSC’s environmental impact (i.e. in the areas of energy, water, food, transportation, green building, sustainable purchasing)
  • Update and expand the sustainability assessment for the BSC, especially through conducting energy audits and/or audit reviews.
  • Promote green building practices with capital improvements, especially through recommendations to MaintCom about sustainability in HAPs and BAPs projects.
  • Work to reduce energy costs through rebates and other city/state/federal programs.
  • Maintain relationships with officials/organizations recorded in the Sustainability Manual, as long as they prove useful.
  • Work with staff and Board to make recommendations regarding sustainable practices.
3. Provide continuity and transparency of information
  • Meet periodically with the BSC Waste Reduction Coordinator to share information, act as a resource to the membership, and streamline projects.
  • Present to the Board of Directors at least once per semester.
  • Create and/or maintain a Sustainability Manual for future coordinators (including contacts, suppliers, rebate information, etc.)
  • Maintain and submit a detailed work log, outlining hours worked and projects completed.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

1. Familiarity and experience with issues regarding sustainability including energy, water, food, transportation, and sustainable purchasing.
2. Familiarity with practical applications for sustainable practices in homes and offices.
3. Excellent ability to work independently to initiate and follow through on projects.
4. Ability to work well with people.
5. Good communication skills, both oral & written.
6. Experience doing energy, water, or other environmental audits recommended, but not required.
7. Familiarity with green building practices is recommended, but not required.
8. Familiarity with BSC policies & procedures recommended, but not required.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Hours per Week: 9 hrs

Pay Rate: Current Workshift Rate

Hired By: Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director (temporarily delegated to Central Food & Supplies Supervisor)