Summer Delivery Coordinator

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General Job Description:

Oversee and drive for two deliveries every week. Coordinate the bi-weekly Costco run.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Double check goods before delivery.
2. Load goods, with the assistance of workshifters, into box truck to be delivered to various houses.
3. Responsibly, efficiently, and accurately deliver food and supplies to the houses with the box truck, or an alternative Central Level vehicle.
4. Attend driver’s training to be qualified to drive Central Level vehicles.
5. Follow rules and regulations pertaining to the use of CK BSC vehicles.
6. Drive the BSC truck to Costco and supervise two work shifters to shop for and purchase a truckload of non-perishables, load the truck at Costco and unload the truck at CFS.
7. Recycle or discard of all boxes and other waste in an appropriate manner.
8. Be responsible for security of the office, work area, and refrigerators when other crews are not working.
9. Maintain order, safety, and cleanliness in the storage areas. This means that inventory should be stocked in an orderly fashion and all debris should be disposed of appropriately.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

1. Ability and willingness to lift up to 50 lbs. repeatedly
2. Knowledge of BSC food service; knowledge of other food distribution systems helpful
3. Well organized, reliable, responsible
4. Ability to count accurately and keep accurate records
5. Ability to work well with people in a team situation
6. Good oral and written communications skills
7. Good judgment, e.g. for substitutions, quality, shelf-life, etc.
8. Good supervisory and training skills
9. Valid driver’s license and a good driving record

Term of Job: Summer

Hours per Week: 12 Hours per week

Hired by: Hiring Committee

Supervisor: CFS Supervisor

Compensation: Workshift Rate

Working Conditions by: Personnel Code