Special Projects Technician

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General Job Description:

  1. Special Projects Technicians are tasked with carrying out specialized projects and trades work within the coop such as room renovation, large-scale repairs and other specific tasks dependent on skillset. The Special Projects team must operate with a high degree of initiative, regularly going out onto the properties in order to identify and complete projects that can be done with in-house labor and that will ensure the long-term welfare of the cooperative’s physical assets.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Works from written and oral instructions performs work in multiple trades to maintain and improve BSC properties, both on a regular and emergency basis. Supervises and instructs summer crew, summer workers, and unit level workers in carrying out project-specific tasks and general maintenance tasks when needed.
  2. Collaborates with the Maintenance Technician team in the day-to-day upkeep of the co-op on an as-needed basis at the discretion of the Maintenance Director.
  3. Collaborates with the Project Director on BAPS, HAPS, and DAPS projects or work involving outside vendors on an as-needed basis at the discretion of the Maintenance Director.
  4. Performs regularly scheduled routine tours of the houses developing solutions for deferred maintenance or proposing improvements to the properties that can be completed using only the labor of the Special Projects Team. These suggestions are delivered to the Maintenance Director for consideration.
  5. Develops and performs routine preventative maintenance schedules for different aspects of house upkeep.
  6. Purchases and utilized materials as needed.
  7. Conducts minor vehicle maintenance and coordinates regular services and repairs for the BSC vehicle fleet.
  8. Maintains written and computerized records of work done.
  9. Develops basic written plans/drawings of work to be done.
  10. Responds to requests from the Maintenance Director regarding emergency overtime, as needed.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Director.

Relationship with Board/Membership:

  1. Leads workshops in building repair and maintenance techniques, for house maintenance managers, other maintenance staff, and BSC members, as requested.
  2. Participates in regular semester trainings of house maintenance managers.
  3. Keeps relevant records and statistics, and reports to Board and management as necessary.
  4. Maintains good relations with members in BSC properties being worked on.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Experience in at least three of the following areas.
a. General carpentry (framing, sheetrock, trim and finish),
b. Electrical,
c. Plumbing,
d. Heating and mechanical,
e. Locksmithing
2. Basic knowledge of building codes.
3. Experience in older construction and remodeling.
4. Good time management skills
5. Ability to work and thrive in fast-paced environment
6. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
7. Ability to take lead and initiative
8. Understanding of Older/Victorian-style buildings
9. Must be able to learn new skills in a timely manner
10. Good interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.
11. Ability to drive a car or truck, along with a valid California Driver’s License.
12. Demonstrated ability to work both in a team and independently.
13. Basic skill with Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Excel), email, google applications, and familiarity with database programs.
14. Ability to work with a diverse array of individuals and students in particular.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

  1. Five years trades experience.

Term of job: Indefinite

Hours per week: 40

Basic starting pay wage: Hourly, Level 13 (based on years of experience/skill)

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Maintenance Director

Contract: BSCEA

[Approved by Board 10/27/2022]