Senior Maintenance Technician

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General Job Description:

A Senior Maintenance Technician performs maintenance, repair and improvement work at BSC properties and assists in training central-level technicians, house maintenance managers, and house-level crew in repair and maintenance techniques. Senior Maintenance Technicians assess and plan for maintenance, repairs, and improvements needed and oversee Maintenance Technician's work in order to ensure good quality and timely completion. Senior Maintenance Technicians must possess the ability and desire to provide excellent customer service and work effectively in a cooperative, student-run organization.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Supervises the work of Maintenance Technicians in the field and ensures quality and timely completion of work orders.
  2. Works from written and oral instructions performs limited work in multiple trades to maintain and improve BSC properties, both on a regular and emergency basis.
  3. Supervises and instructs summer crew, summer workers, and on-call maintenance workers. Provides assistance and training to house maintenance managers and other unit-level workers.
  4. Purchases and delivers materials as needed.
  5. Helps coordinate and conduct dump runs for all BSC properties.
  6. Conducts minor vehicle maintenance and coordinates regular services and repairs for the BSC vehicle fleet.
  7. Maintains written and computerized records of work done.
  8. Develops basic written plans/drawings of work to be done.
  9. Regularly monitors the condition and reports the needs of BSC properties to the Maintenance Director in order to ensure that maintenance issues are addressed.
  10. Coordinates with outside vendors brought in to perform regular repairs and services (e.g. sewer cleaning, tree trimming, fire alarm testing, electrical/plumbing/HVAC repairs, etc.)
  11. Maintains and implements an ongoing Preventative Maintenance Plan for assigned properties.
  12. Maintains the day-to-day functioning of the major systems, fixtures and equipment at assigned properties with the assistance of the Senior Maintenance Technician, as needed.
  13. Responds to requests from the Maintenance Director regarding emergency overtime, as needed.
  14. Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Director.

Relationship with Board/Membership:

  1. Leads workshops in building repair and maintenance techniques, for house maintenance managers, other maintenance staff, and BSC members, as requested.
  2. Participates in regular semester trainings of house maintenance managers.
  3. Keeps relevant records and statistics, and reports to Board and management as necessary.
  4. Maintains good relations with members in BSC properties being worked on.
  5. On a rotating basis in conjunction with the Maintenance Director, Project Director, and Senior Preventative Maintenance Technician, carry and answer the Maintenance Emergency Phone after hours and respond to emergencies as needed.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Experience maintaining apartments or hotels is preferred.
2. Experience in a managerial or leadership position either in a work environment or community service-oriented/union context. Community service/union context is preferred.
3. Operational Experience in at least two of the following areas.
a. General carpentry (framing, sheetrock, trim and finish),
b. Electrical,
c. Plumbing,
d. Heating and mechanical,
e. Locksmithing
4. Valid California Drivers License and ability to drive a car or truck.
5. Must be able to learn new skills/and/information quickly and easily and work under pressure and in crisis.
6. Demonstrated ability to work independently.
7. Excellent problem-solving/ troubleshooting skills.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

  1. Five years of maintenance background. Experience maintaining hotels or apartments is preferred.

Term of job: Indefinite

Hours per week: 40

Basic pay rate: Hourly; Level 11

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate supervisor: Maintenance Director

Contract: BSCEA

Revised: Fall 2018

Updated: Fall 2022

[Approved by Board 10/27/2022]

Approved by Board 12/6/18