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This Page Does Not Exist and This Link Will Be Red, If You Click on the Link You Can Begin Creating the Page [1] Any Name Can Go here

This sentence has reference to google's website with another name.[1].

You can also reference plain text like this.[2]

You can even reference a page of this wiki like this.[3]

This is an example of multiple references to the same footnote.[4]

Such references are particularly useful when citing sources, if different statements come from the same source.[4] Any reused tag should not contain extra content, that will spawn an error. Only use empty tags in this role.

A concise way to make multiple references is to use empty ref tags, which have a slash at the end like this < />. These are also known as "self closing" tags. Although this may reduce redundant work, please be aware that if a future editor removes the first reference, this will result in the loss of all references using the empty ref tags.[4]


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  3. President’s_Living_Documents
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Remember that when you refer to the same footnote multiple times, the text from the first reference is used.