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'Overview & Purpose (omit this section for external use): The BSC is a student-run housing organization which keeps its rates low by relying on the organized work of its members. Approximately one-third of the BSC’s membership turns over each year. A consistent member recruitment plan, adapted to changing waiting list and occupancy trends, is necessary to maintain full occupancy and insure low rates for all members. The position of Recruitment Coordinator has primary responsibility for implementing recruitment activities under the guidance of the Housing Department.

General Job Description

The primary function of the Recruitment Coordinator is to develop and carry out an annual plan for marketing the BSC to prospective members.

Specific Job Duties

1. Create and execute a plan for BSC participation in recurring marketing opportunities, including, but not limited to those outlined in the recruitment plan:

• Assist the Housing Supervisor with orientation, training, and supervision of the two Recruitment Associates.
• Provide training internally and externally (e.g. to EOP/USP Peer Academic Counselors) if requested by the Housing Supervisor.

2. Manage BSC presence (e.g tabling and tabling supplies) at the centers mentioned in the Recruitment Plan (e.g. Gender Equity Resource Center, Transfer Student Center, and Multicultural Community Center). Host workshops as necessary about the BSC and application process.

• Host workshops as necessary about the BSC and application process.
• Advertise recruitment events.

3. Organize open houses, dinner invitations, and dinner vouchers in order to provide prospective members with a direct experience of co-operative living.

4. Develop and implement targeted marketing activities for specialized goals, including but not limited to:

• Targeted advertising for specific vacancies anticipated by the Housing Department, including but not limited to house-specific fliers, Craigslist Ads, etc.
• Affirmative marketing for low-income students and students of color
• Targeted marketing to students enrolled in other Bay Area institutions of higher education, including community colleges.
• Targeted marketing for BSC theme houses in coordination with each house’s outreach coordinator.

5. Communicate online with prospective members, including but not limited to

• Ensure that the email addresses of prospective members are collected at all recruitment activities, and are then compiled for follow-up email communication about upcoming opportunities to learn more about the BSC.
• Work with Units to maintain current descriptions and photos of each Unit on the BSC website.
• Post announcements and information on relevant Facebook and other social media sites.
• Assist the Housing Supervisor in updating publicly available information about the BSC.

6. Distribute marketing collateral (brochures, cards, fliers, buttons, t-shirts) at recruitment activities and keep the Housing Supervisor informed of the adequacy of the stock for upcoming recruitment uses.

7. Collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of different recruitment activities and propose changes that reflect a data-driven approach to recruitment.

8. Work with the Housing Supervisor to ensure that recruitment records are well maintained and knowledge is passed on to future recruitment teams.

9. Other duties as assigned by the Assistant Housing Supervisor.

10. Provide leadership in the BSC’s efforts in planning and executing engagement activities, including recruitment events, educating members about BSC recruitment, and house tours.

Relationship with Board of Directors and General BSC Membership

1. Provide reports or proposals on recruitment activities to the External Affairs Committee and attend the Committee’s meetings as requested from time to time by the Vice President of External Affairs.

2. Collaborate with Unit-level management on recruitment activities that require their input and support.

3. Collaborate with community partner organizations to leverage their capacity to assist in marketing the BSC.

4. Commit to responding to emails or formal communications within 2 business days.

Required skills/knowledge for job performance

1. Familiar with campus and student life at UC Berkeley.

2. Excellent oral and written communication skills, including some public speaking experience.

3. Ability to prioritize and adjust workplans in order to focus on activities that will have the most recruitment benefit in light of changed circumstances at any given time.

4. Experience or desire to train and supervise others.

5. The ability to work effectively with a diverse group of prospective members with different backgrounds and concerns about living in BSC housing.

6. The ability to collaborate with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to secure the maximum recruitment benefit from the activities of others.

Preferred skills/knowledge for job performance

1. Familiar with campus and student life at other Bay Area institutions of higher education.

2. Knowledge of BSC organizational structure and recruitment efforts.

Entry-level requirements

1. Must have lived in the BSC at least one semester.

2. Must be a BSC member.

3. Must commit to work on key event dates planned for the semester.

4. Must be available to table from time to time to cover for absent Recruitment Associates.

Term of job: Semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Hours per week: Average of 12 hours/week

Basic pay rate: Workshift Rate.

Hired by: Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Housing Supervisor

Terms and Conditions of Employment: BSC Personnel Code

[Updated per Board Approval: Fall 2019]

[Board Approved: Fall 2010]