Recruitment Associate (2 Positions)

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General Job Description:

The primary function of the Recruitment Associate is to provide support and feedback to the BSC’s efforts to recruit and retain our targeted demographics.

Specific Job Duties:

1. Execute a plan for BSC participation in recurring marketing opportunities as outlined in the Recruitment Plan.
2. Ensure that a recruitment table is staffed at locations selected in the Recruitment Plan (e.g. the Education Opportunity Program, the Basic Needs Center) at least twice a week.
  • Provide training to EOP/USP Peer Academic Counselors as requested
3. Manage BSC presence (e.g tabling and tabling supplies) at the centers mentioned in the Recruitment Plan (e.g. Gender Equity Resource Center, Transfer Student Center, and Multicultural Community Center).
  • Host workshops as necessary about the BSC and application process.
  • Advertise recruitment events
4. Provide feedback to the Recruitment Coordinator on upcoming events, recruitment opportunities and adjustments to the annual recruitment plan.
5. Collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of different recruitment activities and propose changes that reflect a data-driven approach to recruitment.
  • Ensure that email addresses of prospective members are collected at all recruitment activities, and are then compiled for follow-up email communication about upcoming opportunities to learn more about the BSC.
6. Other duties as assigned by the Recruitment Coordinator and/or Housing Supervisor.

Required skills/knowledge for job performance:

1. Familiar with campus and student life at UC Berkeley.
2. Excellent oral and written communication skills, including some public speaking experience.
3. The ability to work effectively with a diverse group of prospective members with different backgrounds and concerns about living in BSC housing.
4. Ability to prioritize and adjust work plans in order to focus on activities that will have the most recruitment benefit in light of changed circumstances at any given time.
5. The ability to collaborate with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to secure the maximum recruitment benefit from the activities of others.
6. The ability to work effectively both individually and as a member of a team.

Preferred skills/knowledge for job performance:

1. Familiar with campus and student life at other Bay Area institutions of higher education.
2. Knowledge of BSC organizational structure.

Entry-level requirements:

1. Must have lived in the BSC at least one semester.
2. Must be a BSC member.
3. Must commit to work on key event dates planned for the semester.
4. Must be available to table during times specified by EOP .

Term of job: Academic Semester (Fall & Spring Only)

Hours per week: Average of 5 hours/week

Basic pay rate: Fulfills Workshift Requirement

Hired by: Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Cooperative Experience Manager

Terms and Conditions of Employment: BSC Personnel Code