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The Publications Coordinator works under the direction of the Development Director to design and publish printed information that is released by the BSC for fundraising and alumni organizing efforts, including, for example, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers, event invitations, solicitation campaign material, etc. The Publications Coordinator works to implement a consistent visual style and acts as a resource to members and central-level employees who need to release print material. In addition to designing and producing publications, the Publications Coordinator will write articles, conduct research, organize and archive materials, manage printing relationships, and other duties as assigned by the Development Director.


Applicants must be fluent in desktop publishing software (Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Quark, etc.) as well as Microsoft Word. Excellent writing and editing skills are required. Experience with website design a plus. Applicants must be able to manage competing deadlines and priorities in order to meet fixed publication deadlines. Applicants selected for an interview are encouraged to bring a portfolio that demonstrates their desktop publishing experience. The position is open only to eligible BSC members. You cannot be a member of the Board of Directors and hold a Central Level job.


This is a 9-12 hours/week position, depending on the applicant's availability. The position is compensated with a rent credit stipend at $22.00/hour for 4-7 hrs/week and fulfills your five-hours/week workshift requirement. Apartment dwellers and Summer residents will receive an additional rent credit stipend (at $22/hour), as this job does not replace the workshift requirement at the apartments or during the Summer. If for whatever reason this job begins mid-semester, the stipend will be prorated.