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General Job Description:

The Project Director is tasked with identifying, planning, supervising, and completing Board Approved Projects(BAPS) and House Approved Projects(HAPS), developing and maintaining relationships with external vendors, and supervising the day-to-day work of contractors working with the cooperative.


Project, Capital, and Seismic Improvement Requirements:

1. In conjunction with the Executive Director and Maintenance Director, develop and implement long-range capital plans. Attend the Capital & Finance Committee (CFCom) as needed in order to fulfill this responsibility.
2. Under the direction of the Executive Director and with the assistance of the Maintenance Director, oversee the the BSC’s long-range capital planning efforts by:
a. Updating and maintaining the BSC’s capital planning database.
b. Developing and archiving all requests for proposals, competitive bids, contracts, change orders, and related documents.
c. Developing requests for proposals for construction projects, standardized project specifications, bid packages, construction contracts, etc.
3. Coordinate the planning, design, and cost estimates of seismic retrofits, Board Approved Projects (BAPs), House Approved Projects (HAPs), Disabled Access Projects (DAPs), and Energy Conservation Projects (ECPs) in compliance with BSC policy.
4. With the assistance of the Maintenance Crew, solicit, vet and select contractors and vendors to perform regular and large-scale maintenance work and repairs.
5. Act as the project manager for seismic retrofit projects including contractor selection, performance, and timeline management, the scope of work and contract compliance, and approval of change orders.
6. In conjunction with the Maintenance Director and Maintenance Crew, provide updates to units regarding significant repair projects and anticipated impacts on members.
7. Serve as the primary contact for staff seeking information regarding regular maintenance, emergency repairs, Board Approved Projects (BAPs), and seismic retrofits.
8. In conjunction with the Operations Team, develop move-out and storage plans for units undergoing seismic retrofitting and other large capital improvement projects.
9. Release regular updates on ongoing projects to the membership at large.

Training & Support Responsibilities:

1. Attend monthly BSC staff meetings.
2. Participate in ongoing personal training and development opportunities.
3. Organize regularly occurring public info-sessions to inform and educate members about the BAPS, HAPS, and DAPS processes.
4. Organize regularly occurring public Q and A sessions to take questions and provide answers to the public about ongoing work.
5. On a rotating basis in conjunction with the Maintenance Director, Project Director, and Senior Special Projects Technician, carry and answer the Maintenance Emergency Phone after hours and respond to emergencies as needed.

Skills/Knowledge required for job performance:

  1. Team player.
  2. Initiative
  3. Good at problem-solving in a very complex environment.
  4. Good troubleshooting abilities.
  5. Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure and in crisis.
  6. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects.
  7. Ability to work well with a diverse array of individuals and students in particular.
  8. Knowledge of subcontractors, suppliers, and job estimation skills.
  9. Proficient with Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Excel), email, and google applications, and familiarity with database programs.
  10. Ability to drive a car or truck.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

1. 15 years of General Contractor experience
2. Must have a good understanding of contractual law and if not take classes on it.
3. Must have a good networking base with contractors.
4. Must have a good knowledge of EPA Requirements for buildings.
5. Must have experience managing small, medium, and large projects.
6. Must have knowledge of seismic retrofitting.
7. Must possess General knowledge of building codes, the principal ones being for.
a. Balconies
b. Fire escapes
c. Fire systems.
8. Must be knowledgeable about ADA codes and specifications.
9. Able to access and mitigate potential liabilities for the organization.

Physical Requirements

  1. Ability to perform duties in a normal office environment and outdoors at project sites in all types of weather.
  2. Ability to talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, sit, stand, move, walk about construction sites on uneven terrain, crawl and reach in confined spaces, observe and measure various physical attributes of projects in various stages of construction, distinguish shades of color, and engage in repetitive motions.
  3. Ability to lift up to 60 pounds.
  4. Ability to operate a computer keyboard, printer, copier, fax, and telephone.

Skills/Knowledge Strongly Preferred for Job Performance:

1. Community Service/Organizing Background for example Union work.
2. Knowledge of student residence or housing cooperative policies, procedures, and applicable housing and habitability codes.
3. Experience with student housing cooperatives or democratic or cooperative living/working environments and willingness to apply the principles and practices of cooperative housing successfully to the job duties and requirements.
4. Interest in teaching and mentoring others in maintenance and repair skills.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full Time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Salaried: Level 22

Hired By: Staff Hiring Committee

Supervised by: Maintenance Director

Contract: BSCEA Contract, BSC Employee Handbook

[Approved by Board 10/27/2022]