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General Job Description: The Maintenance Supervisor oversees the BSC's Maintenance Department. The primary responsibility of the Maintenance Department is maintaining the physical well-being of BSC properties. The Maintenance Supervisor oversees the operations of Central Level Maintenance and assists with unit level regular and preventative maintenance programs. The Maintenance Supervisor must possess skill and experience in the area of maintenance as well as the ability and desire to provide excellent customer service and work effectively in a cooperative, student-run organization.

Maintenance Department Support and Supervision:

1. Provide leadership and supervision to the daily operations of the Central Maintenance Department including but not limited to, crew schedules, prioritization and assignment of jobs, contractor and vendor management, and database management.
2. Oversee a maintenance request database, including assigning jobs, viewing status of jobs, and communicating with students regarding status of work performed on a daily basis.
3. Hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and discipline employees within Central Level Maintenance Department in accordance with the BSC EA Contract and Personnel Code.
4. Prioritize and assign jobs to crew members, apartment crew and outside contractors/vendors as appropriate.
5. In conjunction with the Rochdale & Fenwick Apartment Manager, ensure all maintenance requests at Rochdale/Fenwick are addressed in a timely manner.
6. Develop recommendations for and monitor the Maintenance Department’s annual budgets ensuring compliance with applicable policies.
7. In conjunction with the Maintenance Liaison, coordinate work and follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with City of Berkeley Fire Department Inspection Reports.
8. In conjunction with the Operations Manager and Maintenance Liaison, regularly review and develop improvements to the Preventative Maintenance Inspection and Room Condition Reports programs and ensure that inspections and reports are completed in a timely fashion.
9. Integrates energy efficiency improvements into routine repairs and other projects on a cost-effective basis.
10. Ensure a safe and hazard free work environment for crew members.
11. Provide oversight and direction to the vehicle maintenance program.
12. Carry an emergency telephone and respond to emergency maintenance calls.
13. Perform other duties as directed by the Executive Director and/or Operations Manager.

Project, Capital & Seismic Improvement Responsibilities:

1. In conjunction with the Executive Director, develop and implement long-range capital plans. Attend the Capital & Finance Committee (CFCom) as needed in order to fulfill this responsibility.
2. Under the direction of the Executive Director and with the assistance of the Maintenance Liaison, oversee the the BSC’s long-range capital planning efforts by:
a. Updating and maintaining the BSC’s capital planning database.
b. Developing and archiving all requests for proposals, competitive bids, contracts, change orders, and related documents.
c. Developing requests for proposals for construction projects, standardized project specifications, bid packages, construction contracts, etc.
3. Coordinate the planning, design, and cost estimates of seismic retrofits, Board Approved Projects (BAPs), House Approved Projects (HAPs), Disabled Access Projects (DAPs), and Energy Conservation Projects (ECPs) in compliance with BSC policy.
4. With the assistance of the Senior Maintenance Crew, solicit, vet and select contractors and vendors to perform regular and large scale maintenance work and repairs.
5. Act as the project manager for seismic retrofit projects including contractor selection, performance, and timeline management, scope of work and contract compliance, and approval of change orders.
6. In conjunction with the Maintenance Liaison and Maintenance Crew, provide updates to units regarding significant repair projects and anticipated impacts on members.
7. Serve as the primary contact for staff seeking information regarding regular maintenance, emergency repairs, Board Approved Projects (BAPs), and seismic retrofits.
8. In conjunction with the Operations Team, develop move-out and storage plans for units undergoing seismic retrofitting and other large capital improvement projects.

Training & Support Responsibilities:

1. In conjunction with the Maintenance Liaison, develop and implement hands-on maintenance skill trainings for unit-level Maintenance Managers and the student apartment maintenance crew.
2. Ensure CM Maintenance Crew Members participate in and help teach workshops for co-op residents on basic home improvement tasks.
3. Facilitate regular CM Maintenance Crew meetings and assist with monthly unit-level manager meetings.
4. Attend monthly BSC staff meetings.
5. Participate in ongoing personal training and development opportunities.

Skills/Knowledge required for job performance:

1. Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.
2. Excellent organizational skills.
3. Excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills.
4. Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure and in crisis.
5. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects.
6. Ability to work well with a diverse array of individuals and students in particular.
7. Knowledge of subcontractors, suppliers, and job estimation skills.
8. Proficient with Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Word, Excel), email, google applications, and familiarity with database programs.
9. Ability to drive a car or truck.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

1. Two years college.
2. A minimum of four years supervisory experience.
3. 5 years experience in the building trades.
4. An equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for the above.
5. General knowledge of vehicle maintenance and repair.
6. General knowledge of energy conservation practices in residential buildings.
7. General knowledge of earthquake safety measures for residential buildings.
8. General knowledge of workplace safety requirements specific to building maintenance and construction.
9. Basic knowledge of personnel policies and practices.
10. Experience/knowledge of maintenance/rehabilitation of older buildings.

Additional Requirements:

1. Must have car or truck, a valid California Driver's License, a good driving record, and basic tools needed for the job.
2. Willingness and ability to carry a mobile telephone to respond to emergency calls after business hours.
3. Desire to work with students in a student-controlled environment.

Physical Requirements: (Reasonable accommodations available)

1. Ability to perform duties in a normal office environment and outdoors at project sites in all types of weather.
2. Ability to talk, listen, stoop, kneel, reach, sit, stand, move, walk about construction sites on uneven terrain, crawl and reach in confined spaces, observe and measure various physical attributes of projects in various stages of construction, distinguish shades of color, and engage in repetitive motions.
3. Ability to lift up to 60 pounds.
4. Ability to operate a computer keyboard, printer, copier, fax, and telephone.

Skills/Knowledge Strongly Preferred for Job Performance:

1. Knowledge of student residence or housing cooperative policies, procedures, and applicable housing and habitability codes.
2. Experience with student housing cooperatives or democratic or cooperative living/working environments and willingness to apply the principles and practices of cooperative housing successfully to the job duties and requirements.
3. Interest in teaching and mentoring others in maintenance and repair skills.

Term of Job: Indefinite Expected Hours per Week: Full Time, Exempt Basic Wage Range: Salaried: Level 18 through Level 22 Hired By: Staff Hiring Committee Supervised by: Operations Manager Contract: BSC Employees Association Revised: Spring 2020

Approved 4/17/20