III.B. Central Level Operation

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1. Staff should adopt consistent Board and AdCom interpretations of policy except where that interpretation conflicts with law. They should inform the President whenever this is done.
2. Staff shall approve routine requests falling under the AdCode, with AdCom acting as more of an appeals body. AdCom will receive a report of all cases so decided. Staff will be under the direction of the AdCom Chair.


1. People who have left the co-ops owing money and without a deposit on file will be sent a letter informing them they have ten days to pay or their account will be sent to a collection agency. The BSC will deal with a collection agency that utilizes the TRW credit system.


1. The house run shall be three times per week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
2. All units are required to have names on the mailboxes or a house list available.
a. When a list is unavailable, it will be placed in the President’s or House Manager’s box.


1. Any house in violation of the Pets section of the Administrative Code must immediately remove any pets in question or be held financially responsible for any costs directly attributable to the presence of these pets in the house or on its premises.


1. All Southside residents doing Central Kitchen shifts of less than five hours a week shall receive one-half hour workshift credit for walking time.
2. All units will be responsible for their per capita share of Central Level Workshift hours or the houses shall pay such that other co-op workers can fill these shifts. These hours will be assessed annually such that a unit has to meet its obligation of Central Level hours.
3. Houses that are down hours due to scheduling at the beginning of the semester rather than irresponsibility (i.e. they were not assigned enough shifts) will not be fined for those hours. If a house drops a shift, it will be fined until it replaces the shift. Houses up hours will be paid for them only to the extent that those hours are not greater than 10% of the house’s workshift requirement. The Operations Manager shall be responsible for assigning enough shifts to each house so that they will be able to do at least 90% of their workshift obligation. Houses will still be fined for shifts they are assigned, but do not perform. The Operations Manager will be responsible for informing workshift managers about this policy. Money paid to up-hours houses will be considered an expense of the Workshift Fine Fund.
4. The temporary Central level workshift schedule shall be delivered to all room and board houses at workshift manager training. The Operations Manager shall include the following in writing with the delivery of the permanent CK workshift schedule: the formula used to determine the Central Level workshift hours requirement for all houses with a full explanation: an itemized list of houses, their occupancy, and house occupancy as a percentage of the total room and board house membership.
5. Members with Central Level positions and house level workshift positions will receive workshift compensation from their Central Level position, leaving compensation for the house position (if any) up to the member’s house.
6. Supervisors may bid for whom they wish, but may be denied an applicant if the applicant’s house has had its hours obligation filled. All jobs unfilled at the end of the bid because no house can go up hours will be assigned to houses that are still down hours, and each of these houses will be expected to fill its shifts from among its membership, and report names to C.O.
7. During Thanksgiving week, Central Office workshift people will get credit for any days CO is not operating. CO will be closed during Thanksgiving week (10/26/06 BOD)
8. In formulating the amount of Central Hours owed by each house, the average of the previous two semester’s membership (including central-level boarders) shall be used.
9. When members with Central Level workshifts move out of their houses, they do so at the risk of losing their workshifts. The members’ old houses will have one week to decide whether or not they want to fill the shifts. Afterwards the member can choose to fill the shift. If neither the original house nor member wants the shift, CO can assign it to any house.
10. Apartment dwellers shall be compensated for Central Level Workshifts in four installments. The first three installments will be released the payday after rent is due and the fourth at the end of the semester when the job is completed. The first three shall be in the form of rent credits. The amount of compensation to be released will be approved by the supervisor based on hours completed.

[Board approved 5/8/14.]


1. One warning letter for non-student status shall be sent after the drop date for UC Berkeley and the local community colleges. If proof of student status has not been submitted by the deadline set by staff (approximately two weeks after the first notice is sent), fifteen-day termination notices will immediately be sent to nonstudent members.


1. There shall be a BSC Exit survey that will go out to all members who request that their security deposits be returned. The surveys shall be conducted every semester. Surveys completed by residents leaving the coops in the Spring semester shall be compiled by the Management Intern. During the Spring and Fall, the Operations Manager shall oversee the processing of the surveys. The Operations Manager will compile and track the survey results from semester to semester. The Member Resources Supervisor shall summarize the results every semester and present the Summary to the Board of Directors as soon as it becomes available.


1. The official BSC website may display links from post-secondary schools, their affiliated alumni associations, the BSC Alumni Association, and cooperative organizations to which the BSC belongs, without confining this display to a “links” page. BSC houses may post links to their house sites, but these must display a disclaimer specifying that the BSC does not take responsibility for or necessarily support the content of links. House sites must be approved by the house. All other website links must be placed only on a links page containing the disclaimer. Cabinet, with Board approval, has the discretion to drop links at any time, and organizations have no inherent right to be linked.


Members and unit-level managers, directors and staff will be able to provide feedback about their interactions with specific staff members by filling out an online form on the BSC website. This form will be available throughout the year.

a. Unit-level managers, directors and staff will be notified via their BSC email near the end of each semester that they can submit feedback online, in time for the feedback to be used in staff evaluations.
b. Members will be reminded by a sign or a stack of cards at the C.O. front desk stating the web address of the feedback form.

Data from the online form will be sent to the Executive Director. It will be at the discretion of the Executive Director to decide how to deliver the feedback to the employee in question and/or investigate concerns shared via the form, consistent with BSC employment policies. This feedback process applies to all staff members who receive employee evaluations (which is generally people who work 20+ hours/week). IACom shall advise on and may direct the Executive Director to modify the questions on the form, as needed.

Board Approved Amendment of this Policy: 5/3/2018

Board Approved: 12/05/2007


1. Information on the membership may only be disseminated on the basis of existing state and federal laws