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The principal responsibilities of the VPCF are to monitor the status of and provide student input regarding the financial and capital planning and practices of the BSC. The VPCF is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the Capital and Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Investment Management Committee, and may be directed by Board to serve on additional task forces and committees. The VPCF will educate the Board about issues pertaining to their area of work as needed throughout their term and their committee about recent organizational priorities addressed by their predecessor(s). In conjunction with the Board Administrative Assistant, the VPCF will supervise the CFCom Administrative Assistant. The VPCF shall work with their successor to ensure a smooth transition of duties and responsibilities. Also see the BSC Executive Job Description.

Term of position: From the start of the Fall contract to the end of the subsequent Spring contract period

Eligibility: Only sitting Directors are eligible to serve as VPCF

Supervisor: President

Hired by: Board election

Expected hours per week: 30 (Overtime hours are guaranteed and compensated by submitting a timesheet)

Compensation: $7,541.60 per semester

[Amended as per Board #3 Budget Meeting (03.21.24)]

[Board approved amendment 7-6-23]