I.A.10. CABINET-AT-LARGE MEMBER (revised 5/7/2009; 04/26/12))

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General Description

Cabinet-at-Large members act as voting members at Cabinet meetings. During fall and spring semesters, 2 at-large members will be elected to Cabinet by the Board of Directors; during summer 3 will be elected. Cabinet’s responsibilities include setting agendas for Board meetings, evaluating AdCom appeals and referring them to Board, and directing motions or issues to committees. Cabinet is empowered to take emergency action on behalf of the BSC when there is no time to call a meeting of the Board of Directors. Cabinet can also discuss ideas of its own origination. At-large members are expected to make fair, judicious, and reasoned decisions in all voting matters. Cabinet members at large for Spring and Summer shall take office at midnight of the last day of the contract period in which they were elected, and terminate at midnight of the last day of the contract period of their term of office. Fall Cabinet at-Large members shall take office at midnight on the last day of the Summer contract period and terminate at midnight on the last day of the Fall contractperiod.

Specific Duties

1. Attend regular meetings of Cabinet.
2. Familiarize oneself with BSC By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and policies.

Term of position: One Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Hired by: Board election

Eligibility: Must be eligible BSC member

Expected Hours/Week: Two (2) hours per Cabinet meeting (generally held every other week)

Compensation: Workshift rate for each hour of meeting attended