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General Job Description:

The Housing Supervisor oversees the entire housing operation at the BSC, including applications, assignments to units, contract preparation and processing, contract cancellations, and maintenance of membership files. They are responsible for work flow in the Housing Department and supervise all workers in the Housing Department.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Hire, discipline, supervise, assign tasks/projects and direct the overall workflow of employees and workshifters in the Housing Department in accordance with the BSC EA Contract and Personnel Code.
  2. Ensure that Housing Department employees and workshifters are effectively trained and assess and improve the effectiveness of training procedures within the department.
  3. Address member concerns/inquiries about Housing operations and/or direct them to the appropriate department.
  4. Develop and/or maintain ties to UC programs, (e.g. CALSO, Disabled Student, EOP/AA, Re-Entry), residence halls and other area institutions that interface directly with Housing operations.
  5. Provide housing information and support to students with disabilities during the application and assignment process.
  6. Oversee the preparation and processing of housing contracts, including researching and selecting printing vendors.
  7. Assign members/applicants to units.
  8. Process and maintain Summer waiting lists, assignments, and move-ins/outs.
  9. Advertise immediate openings when there is no waiting list.
  10. Organize and conduct apartment bidding night and do special bids as necessary when vacancies arise.
  11. Oversee miscellaneous mailings.
  12. Back up support staff by answering phones and working the front counter during open hours, including taking housing payments.
  13. Correspond with members, applicants and potential applicants via email.
  14. Work with outside consultants and provide input and suggestions regarding information technology and program modifications to ensure the department’s needs are met.
  15. Coordinate with the Operations Manager, Accounting, Development and other departments as necessary.
  16. Attend staff and/or Board-level committee meetings as necessary, provide analysis of current policy and practices, and provide suggestions for improving Housing operations.
  17. Other projects as determined by the Operations Manager.

Relationship with Board/membership:

  1. Provide information and answer inquiries from houses, applicants, members, and the public regarding Housing operations and direct other questions to the appropriate department.
  2. Assist house managers in maintaining house lists, doing room bids, etc.
  3. Consult with Board and committees on various policies as necessary.
  4. Keep relevant statistics and report to Board and management as necessary.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

  1. Knowledge of BSC policies and procedures regarding applications and assignments.
  2. Good office and record keeping skills.
  3. Must be very well organized.
  4. Must be patient, pleasant, and able to work with the public.
  5. Must be able to supervise large numbers of part-time workers.
  6. Must be able to work independently.
  7. Must type 50 wpm.
  8. Must have prior computer experience, including Microsoft Office, Excel and data base experience.
  9. Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.
  10. Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure in a busy, active office environment.
  11. Desire to work with students in a student-controlled environment.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

  1. Two years of college or equivalent experience working in a college environment.
  2. Three years general office experience, including one year supervisory experience.

Additional Requirements:

Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard, 10-key calculator, and engage in repetitive motions.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full Time, Exempt

Basic Wage Range: Salaried, Level 13-17

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Contract: BSCEA

Revised: Fall 2009 and Fall 2017

Revised: Spring 2022

[Updated 5.20.22]