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The Health Education Coordinator (HEC) will work towards promoting individual and community health, and a healthy environment in the BSC. The HEC is responsible for developing the health programming of the BSC by establishing and coordinating unit and central-level trainings, referrals, and general health promotion and advocacy efforts. The HEC is charged with furthering a program of mental health awareness/destigmatization, Harm Reduction, and sexual assault prevention in the units via educational workshops and conversations, health tips, and guest speakers, with content encompassing both general health issues and BSC-specific policies, procedures, and resources. The HEC is also the primary student liaison between the BSC and University Health Services (the Tang Center), as well as equivalent resources for non-UC students, and other health promotion organizations. The HEC should be hired the semester before his/her/their duties begin.

Job Duties

1. Attend meetings of the University Health Services’ Student Health Advisory Committee, throughout term of position.
2. Provide training, or organize outside facilitators to provide training whenever possible, on mental health, substance use (emphasizing Harm Reduction strategies), and sexual violence/assault health topics during manager, health worker and social manager training and meetings each semester.
3. Lead BSC-wide educational efforts by planning and implementing three BSC-wide health workshops/events per fall semester, and three per spring semester. Topics should focus on both physical and mental health and can include but are not limited to yoga, meditation, dance, massage, etc.
4. Present information and resources related to physical and mental health promotion at the New Member Orientation, and other BSC-wide events as appropriate.
5. Source and coordinate outside professionals, facilitators, and speakers to provide more specialized education as appropriate, either at the unit or central level for workshops, events, and trainings.
6. Create at least one workshop template per semester to support the HWs in hosting workshops to provide resources and engage their units directly in conversations of support regarding the workshop topics. One of these should cover an aspect of Harm Reduction, and the others may be based on mental health, consent, sexual health/violence topics, or peer counseling. Topics should include but are not limited to:
a) BSC policies, practices, and resources regarding health and safety (including sexual assault policies and procedures)
b) Principles of harm reduction, safer partying, substance abuse prevention and intervention
c) Mental health maintenance and mental health first aid
d) Sexual health, including sex positivity and consent.
e) Communicable diseases and appropriate referrals to the Tang Center and other health organizations
f) Appropriate medical emergency response
7. Create permanent in-house and digital resources each semester for display in the units and for use on the BSC website, providing additional health resource information.
8. Be on-call to assist BSC managers, health workers, and other residents in responding to health concerns by providing appropriate referrals and identifying BSC and community resources.
9. Maintain close working relationship with HWC in order to fully support HW program and general membership support
10. Cohost training and meetings of the Health Worker Program with the HWC to offer advice to health workers and solicit feedback.
11. Attend meetings of the Experience and Training Committee as necessary to develop goals and solicit feedback and support for projects.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance

1. Must demonstrate strong multitasking and organizational skills.
2. Must demonstrate good interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
3. Must be able to work independently.
4. Must be comfortable speaking in public.
5. Must be committed to public health and harm reduction.
6. Ability to receive and offer feedback constructively.
7. Some teaching experience (deCal facilitation, for example) is strongly preferred, but not required.
8. Past health worker experience or a public health background is strongly preferred, but not required.
9. Willing to seek additional training independently.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required

Must be a BSC member for the term of job.

Additional Requirements

1. Respond to calls and emails within 24 hours during the business week.
2. Meet bi-weekly with the Member Resources Supervisor.
3. Confer with the Health Worker Coordinator to discuss and set common goals for the semester.
4. Keep a project log, including the hours spent on each project, to be submitted to the Member Resources Supervisor.
5. Keep records of relevant information and work done and prepare best practices and exit documents for the next HEC.
6. Remain active and involved with UHS’s Student Health Advisory Committee throughout term of service
7. Keep records of relevant information and work done and prepare best practices and exit documents for the next HWC/HEC.
8. Incoming HEC shall meet with the Member Resources Supervisor, Mental Health Consultant, and current HEC to be trained and transition into position

Term of Job: One semester (may be extended based on performance). Fall, Spring, and Summer

Hours per Week: 8 (5 during Summer)

Basic Pay Rate: Workshift Rate

Hired by: Hiring Commission

Immediate Supervisor: Member Resources Supervisor

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code

Created: Spring 2010; Revised: Summer 2015