Dairy Coordinator

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General Job Description: The Dairy Coordinator receives, packs and inventories dairy, alternative milk, yogurt, and ice-cream.

Required Scheduling Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8 am - 12 pm

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Receive and pack dairy, alternative milk, yogurt, and ice cream orders.
  2. Produce accurate receiving, order processing, and inventory records; report discrepancies to CFS Supervisor.
  3. Train and supervise workshift assistants.
  4. Maintain clean, sanitary, and organized working areas, including refrigerators and freezers, and any work surfaces used.
  5. Other duties as requested by CFS Supervisor or Assistant CFS Supervisor.
  6. Be responsible for security of the office, work area, and refrigerators when other crews are not working.
  7. Assist other CFS workers when necessary.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  1. Ability and willingness to lit 50 lbs. regularly and continuously
  2. Well organized, reliable, and responsible
  3. Ability to count accurately and keep accurate records
  4. Ability to work well with people in a team situation
  5. Good oral and written communication skills

Term of Job: Indefinite with summer layoff

Hours Per Week: 12 hours per week

Hired By: Hiring Committee

Supervised By: CFS Supervisor

Compensation: Current Workshift Rate

Contract: Personnel Code