Coordinator of Diversity and Anti Discrimination

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General Description

The CODA seeks to promote safe spaces throughout the BSC and facilitates dialogues that further the BSC's mission to "influence the community to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in housing". The CODA provides training on BSC policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, and also conducts consciousness-raising programming to increase the BSC’s inclusivity of historically marginalized identities. The CODA hears members' informal grievances regarding harassment and discrimination.

Specific Job Duties

1. Assist in the training of managers, members and student staff in specifics of the BSC policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.

2. Assist in hearing house and central level grievances and handling complaints according to the anti-discrimination, general harassment and sexual harassment policies and procedures.

3. Advise the Conduct Committee on cases involving allegations of discrimination or harassment.

4. Provide member training on sexual harassment and anti-discrimination procedures at houses and through other BSC events, including, for example, Consent Workshops and Power and Privilege Workshops.

5. Assist the Member Resources Supervisor in vetting house fliers for parties for compliance with BSC policies.

6. Create a semesterly Safe Space working group (formal or informal).

7. Advise Board and appropriate Board Committees on recommended policy changes to further the goals of safe space, inclusivity, anti-discrimination, and anti-harassment.

8. Serve as liaison to outside social justice, anti-discrimination and anti-sexual violence oriented groups, including, for example, AORTA, GenEq, Take Back the Night, ENVISION, Multicultural Community Center. 9. Investigate and document the level of diversity and inclusivity in the BSC membership.

10. Work with the Vice President of External Affairs, the Recruitment Coordinator, and the External Affairs Committee to improve outreach efforts to increase diversity in the co-ops, including marketing activities to promote the missions of the African American Themed House and Oscar Wilde House.

11. Hold continuing education workshops and working groups within the BSC, including, for example,. Minority Affairs Caucus, Oral Histories, Ally Workshop, People of Color Caucus.

12. Meet with key BSC, UCB and community members and leaders regarding initiatives. undertaken as the CODA.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance


1. Excellent organizational skills.

2. Good interpersonal communication skills, including excellent listening skills and nonjudgmental oral communication.

3. Knowledge of and prior work experience with minority concerns and underrepresented communities.

4. Ability to work well under pressure.

5. Knowledge of harassment policies and procedures.

6. Familiarity with the BSC and with community and University resources, including, for example, GenEq, Tang Center, Multicultural Community Center.

7. Flexible schedule.

8. Prior discussion facilitation experience.


1. Knowledge of BSC Member Services Programs.

2. Prior BSC work experience.

3. Knowledge of sexual violence prevention and consent education.

4. Willingness to attend facilitation workshops in the Bay Area.

Other Requirements

Must be a BSC member and meet student eligibility guidelines.

Terms of Employment

Term of Job: 1 Semester (may be extended based on performance). Fall, Spring and Summer

Hours per week: 8

Pay rate: Workshift Rate

Hired by: Supervisor

Immediate Supervisor: Member Resources Supervisor

Other terms of employment: Personnel Code

Adopted: Spring 2011