Cooperative Involvement Statement

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The Berkeley Student Cooperative is committed to Cooperation among Cooperatives. We believe that “cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.” We will expand the cooperative movement through the establishment of symbiotic relationships on the basis of sharing resources and a shared vision.

Although we focus on promoting and developing housing cooperatives we highly value the contributions and support the establishment and expansion of many cooperatives which do not provide housing, especially those with an explicit mission to address oppression and build solidarity economies.

The ways in which we will support the cooperative movement are:

1. storytelling, knowledge sharing, information sharing, and collective visioning;
2. political and legal advocacy for cooperative enterprises of all sectors;
3. financial investments and grants made to less-resourced, less capitalized cooperatives;
4. active membership in and collaboration with values-aligned cooperative alliances, federations, and coalitions;
5. solicitation of cooperative vendors and servicers;
6. consistent accountability to Solidarity Economy Movement Building Statement.

We will achieve collective growth through sharing resources, principles, and vision. We will promote cooperation among cooperatives and pursue the wellbeing of our cooperative and our movement. We will do so with an open heart and a pragmatic mind.