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General Job Description:

The Contracting and Purchasing Agent is responsible for conducting competitive bidding processes, vendor selection, aggregating of requisition requests, and placing orders for all goods purchased at the central level, under the direction of the Operations Manager, and in compliance with the Central Level Procurement Policy. Approved centrally procured goods may include, but are not limited to, various food items, office supplies, maintenance supplies, furniture, supplies for special projects, and/or any good which the BSC achieves an economy of scale when purchasing centrally. They maintain documentation of all competitive bidding processes, requisition requests, and orders and ensures this information is readily accessible to relevant BSC stakeholders. The Contracting and Purchasing Agent is also responsible for communicating changes in vendors and product availability to the appropriate department and/or house-level managers.

Job Maintenance Tasks:

1. Analyzing Bay Area markets, regularly conduct competitive bidding processes, maintaining thorough documentation, including vendors solicited, bids evaluated (including specific bid information such as date, prices, quantities, delivery/service schedules, additional fees, discounts, etc.), and rationale for recommending specific vendors for all goods and services provided at the central level.
2. Develop a list of proposed vendors, based on those providing the lowest responsible bid, for review, approval by the Operations Manager.
3. Solicit contract proposals from approved vendors for review by department supervisors and execution by the Executive Director.
4. Aggregate all requisition requests for goods purchased at the central level, including items ordered by house-level managers and central-level staff.
5. Prepare purchase orders and place the aggregated orders with approved vendors.
6. Maintain records of all house and central-level order history and purchase orders placed with vendors.
7. Promptly communicate with house-level managers and central-level staff regarding changes in vendors, orders, and product availability.
8. Regularly communicate with central level departments responsible for receiving goods and promptly follow-up and negotiate with vendors and service providers regarding any discrepancies between items ordered and received, rates, discounts, delivery/service scheduling, etc.
9. Maintain the BSC order and requisition database to update list of current vendors, item numbers, and available goods.
10. Provide reliable information regarding market conditions, product availability, prices, and purchasing options to house-level managers, central-level staff, and student leadership.
11. Provide information regarding vendor options and purchasing history during the annual goods and service review process and attend meetings upon request.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Excellent written, oral, interpersonal communication and customer service skills.
2. Intermediate skill using Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and the ability to quickly learn and effectively use new purchasing/inventory databases.
3. Ability to type 60 words per minute.
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced office environment.
5. Excellent organization and record-keeping skills.
6. Ability to work independently, establish priorities and ensure timely project completion.
7. Desire and ability to work in a student-run, democratic, cooperative organization.
8. Demonstrated evidence of commitment to diversity and equity.

Entry Level Experience/Education Required:

1. Two years college.
2. Two years of purchasing experience involving contact with vendors in the procurement of a variety of food, supplies, materials, equipment, and services.
3. Two years of stores or warehouse experience involving the procurement/distribution of food, maintenance supplies or office supplies, and/or related services.
4. Previous experience using centralized purchasing software and/or inventory management software.
5. Previous experience with competitive bidding procedures including methods of bidding, preparation and application of specifications, contacts with vendors, awarding of contracts, and documentation.
6. A combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted for the above requirements.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: 40

Basic Pay Rate: Starting at step 7

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Working Conditions By: EA Contract

Created: Fall 2014

[Board approved 12/11/14.]