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Mission Statement


Section 1: Guiding Documents

Strategic Plan

Organizational Calendar

Section 2: Policies

Articles of Incorporation


Policy Directory

Administrative Code (AdCode)

Personnel Code (PerCode)

Employee Association Contract

Member Contract

Project Proposal Application

ED Job Description

Hal Norton Cooperative House Award

CloyneCom Directive – Summer 2009

ITCom Directive – Summer 2009

Appropriate use of technology

Appendix A: Information for Board Reps

Parliamentary Procedure

Policy Proposal Form

Appendix B: Information for Student Executives

Minutes practices for VPs

President‘s Living Documents

Executive Director Review guidelines

Board Manual Editing Instructions

Work Logs and Job Manual Guidelines

Appendix C: Information for Administrative Assistants

Overview of minutes & formatting

How IRV Works

Appendix D: General Organizational Information

Organizational Chart

BSC Profile

Ownership Status

BSC Representation and Votes