Consent Working Group Chair

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DUTIES: The Consent Chair (CC) heads efforts to create educational content to prevent violence and harm in the BSC through the creation and implementation of consent content. The CC hires, periodically trains, and coordinates a group of 7 student facilitators who facilitate workshops throughout the BSC. This group of students and the CC create the Consent Working Group (CWG) which meets through the Fall/Spring to create educational content and other resources for the wider BSC. The CC is responsible for progressing the current content and synthesizing new ideas to continually update educational content in order to remain as relevant and inclusive to the BSC membership as possible. The CC is the liaison between the CWG and CO and must work with various professional and other student positions throughout the semester. The CC is responsible for coordinating all workshops which entails advertisement, scheduling, and communicating with unit level leaders. During the Summer, the CC is responsible for 5 student facilitators and will focus efforts on implementing the existing curriculum rather than creating new content.

REQUIREMENTS: The applicant should have excellent organizational skills, as well as strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. The applicant must be able to work independently and be able to offer and receive feedback constructively. The successful applicant must demonstrate a commitment to consent education, violence prevention, and social justice work and be willing to seek additional training. The applicant must be comfortable speaking in public. Some teaching experience (for example, deCal facilitation) is strongly preferred, as is familiarity with the CWG. You cannot be on the Board of Directors or hold a compensated unit-level manager position and hold a central level job. You must be a BSC member to hold this position.

HOURS/CREDIT: This position will be compensated at the workshift rate up to 55 hours per contract period.