Committee Administrative Assistant

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JOB DESCRIPTION: The BSC has 4 standing committees of the Board of Directors: Internal Affairs Committee (IACom), Capital and Finance Committee (CFCom), Experience and Training Committee (ETCom) and External Affairs Committee (EACom). Each committee is responsible for overseeing the different departments of the organization. The committees convene weekly in the evening. The Committee Administrative Assistant (AA) supports the committee and its Vice President. The AA (in conjunction with the Vice President of the Committee) makes sure that all committee members have the information that they need in a format they can use, that the decisions of the committee are recorded and respected. The committee meets once per week on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in the evening. There may be instances when the committee may meet more than once per week due to time-sensitive projects. Committee meeting dates are subject to change based on holidays and Board project/priorities. The AA is responsible for taking accurate comprehensive minutes at each meeting and recording attendance. This job is 100% REMOTE and requires the AA to have a working laptop/computer and stable internet access.

SPECIFIC JOB DUTIES: Record meeting minutes and decisions at Committee Meetings Take detailed minutes in comprehensive format as designated and approved by the Vice President of the Committee Manage the Committee Google Drive Upload meeting minutes and all relevant documents Incorporate approved edits, finalize minutes, and upload them to the appropriate Committee website Work with your VP to prepare the Committee Meeting Agenda and share with the members of the Committee 48hrs before the meeting. Send Google meeting invitations to their respective committee members Manage the Committee website and update as needed Required weekly meeting with their respective VP Work on other administrative tasks assigned by the Vice President of the Committee Be attentive and present for all assigned Committee meetings that require minutes being recorded. Please be present and active for the entire duration of your Committee meeting. Other duties as assigned by the Vice President of the Committee

REQUIRED SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE FOR JOB PERFORMANCE: Applicants MUST commit to working the entire academic year in order to be considered for this position MUST COMMIT AND ATTEND ALL SCHEDULED WEEKLY MEETINGS ON TIME (typically on either Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evenings), with the ability to make arrangements with the VP in advance for an excused absence only in exceptional circumstances Experience with taking and transcribing meeting minutes Reliable and punctual a must Experience working with Google Suite (Google Drive, Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Form and Google Sites) Excellent oral and written communication skills Ability to type 70 wpm Ability to work on the committee’s timeline and complete assignments promptly and efficiently as expected by the VP

HOURS/PAY: This is a 10-hour/week position, compensated with a rent credit at the workshift rate for 5 hours/week and fulfilling 5 hours a week workshift requirement. This position starts in Fall and lasts through the end of Spring. REQUIRES A ONE-YEAR COMMITMENT.