Central-Level Habitability Coordinator

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General Job Description:

The Central-Level Habitability Coordinator executes portions of the BSC Habitability Program.

Job Duties:

1. Supervise and support Unit-Level Habitability Coordinators.
2. Develop unit-level habitability workshop content in collaboration with the Operations Supervisor. This workshop should engage with issues of the devaluation of domestic labor and habitability as anti-oppression.
3. Coordinate habitability workshops for each unit and assist with facilitating them as needed.
4. Conduct habitability re-inspections as assigned by the Operations Supervisor.
5. Support Unit-Level Habitability Coordinators in developing and maintaining lists of projects.
6. Support Unit-Level Habitability Coordinators in tracking habitability correction workshift hours and fines.
7. Ensure that each Unit-Level Habitability Coordinator completes and submits a document outlining on-going habitability issues and unit-specific habitability information prior to move-out.
8. Assist Operations Supervisor with vendor coordination as needed.
9. Support Unit-Level Habitability Coordinators in the creation of signage and educational resources related to habitability and compile a resource library of materials.
10. Advise Unit-Level Habitability Coordinators in design improvements and/or reorganization of common areas to improve habitability, in conjunction with the Operations Supervisor.

Relationship with Board/Membership:

1. Provide information and answer inquiries from houses, members, and public regarding bookkeeping operations.
2. Consult with Board and committees on various policies as necessary.
3. Keep relevant statistics and report to Board and management as necessary.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
2. Ability to work independently.

Preferred Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Experience leading training sessions, facilitating meetings/workshops, or teaching.
2. Experience as a Unit-Level Manager in the BSC.
3. Entry Level Experience/Education Required.

Additional Requirements:

Must be a BSC member for the term of job.

Term of Job: One semester (may be extended based on performance).

Expected Hours per Week: 12

Basic Wage Range: Workshift Rate

Hired By: Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Assistant

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code

Created: Spring 2020