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General Job Description: The Central Food and Supplies (CFS) Supervisor is responsible for overseeing BSC warehousing operations and ensuring the smooth functioning of food, furniture and supplies delivery services to BSC units. The CFS Supervisor is responsible for receiving shipments at the central warehouse, keeping accurate inventory of all goods, developing and implementing appropriate loss prevention measures, and ensuring the prompt and consistent delivery of goods to the units. The CFS Supervisor trains and supervises all warehouse personnel and ensures that appropriate safety procedures are followed.

The CFS Supervisor is responsible for training and overseeing the Assistant CFS Supervisor, who is responsible for training and providing on-going support to Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers, ensuring that house-level food and refuse/recycling services run smoothly, and providing assistance in the oversight of warehouse operations, as needed.

Specific Responsibilities:

Warehouse Management
1. Oversee warehouse receiving practices by ensuring that all deliveries from outside vendors are inspected, verified, and signed for. Report any shorts or items returned to the Purchasing Agent and Accounts Payable.
2. Supervise the bulk-breaking, packing, and delivery process.
3. Ensure the timely and accurate delivery of food, furniture, and supplies to the units and ensure that delivery schedule changes and shorts are communicated to Kitchen Managers.
4. Oversee the completion, reconciliation, and timely submission of delivery records to Accounts Payable.
5. Develop, implement, and regularly assess the effectiveness of loss prevention measures with regard to warehousing and delivery procedures.
6. Oversee the regular completion of physical inventories of all goods in the warehouse and provide cost figures to the Accounting Department, as needed.
7. In conjunction with the Operations Manager, develop and implement improved inventory management procedures.
8. Provide input and suggestions regarding information technology and program modifications and implement new programs/procedures to ensure that organizational needs are met.
9. Provide office coverage and respond to phone, email, and in person inquiries regarding warehouse operations and delivery service.
Training and Supervision
1. Train CFS employees and workshifters in basic job duties and appropriate warehouse and delivery safety procedures.
2. Regularly assess the effectiveness of training procedures for CFS staff and workshifters and develop and implement new procedures and resources designed to strengthen and streamline training practices.
3. Provide on-going supervision, assign tasks/projects, and oversee the overall workflow of CFS staff and workshifters to ensure that warehousing and delivery operations are carried out accurately, efficiently, and safely.
4. Hire, supervise, and discipline staff and workshift employees in the CFS Department in accordance with the BSC Employee Contract and Personnel Code.
5. Track the completion of room and board employees’ hours and central-level workshifts and complete weekly workshift reports and approve weekly timecards and the release of stipends.
6. Organize and provide Driver Training for central-level staff and house-level managers each term.
House-Level Program Support
1. Train and support the Assistant CFS Supervisor and ensure that Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers are effectively trained and that house-level food and refuse/recycling services run smoothly.
2. Assist the Assistant CFS Supervisor in coordinating the repair and replacement of kitchen equipment.
3. Address house-level managers’ concerns/inquiries about warehousing and food service operations and/or direct them to the appropriate central-level employee.
4. Work with House Managers to ensure that contractual obligations regarding furniture requirements are fulfilled and approve house-level furniture purchases.
Additional Duties
1. Attend staff and/or Board-level committee meetings as necessary, provide analysis of current policy and practices, and provide suggestions for improving warehousing operations and program delivery.
2. Other projects as determined by the Operations Manager.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance:

1. Thorough knowledge of safe and efficient food service practices, including proper handling, storage, sanitation and food-borne diseases.
2. Extensive knowledge of food distribution, inventory, and quality control systems.
3. Knowledge of BSC policies and procedures regarding procurement, house-level operations, and food service.
4. Excellent organizational and record keeping skills.
5. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with students, vendors, and the public.
6. Excellent supervisory skills and the ability to supervise a large number of part-time workers.
7. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects.
8. Intermediate computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Excel and database experience.
9. Ability to type 50 wpm.
10. Excellent interpersonal and verbal/written communication skills.
11. Ability to analyze systems and to suggest and implement improvements.
12. Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure in a busy warehouse and office environment.
13. Desire to work with students in a student-run environment.
14. Ability to pass and maintain food service manager and proctor/trainee certification.

Entry-Level Education/Experience Required:

1. Two years of college experience
2. Three years supervisory/management experience with a team of at least five people.
3. Three years warehouse management experience.
4. Prior food service experience.
5. An equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for the above.

Additional Experience Preferred:

1. Previous experience warehousing perishable goods.

Additional Requirements: Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard, 10-key calculator, and engage in repetitive motions.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Expected Hours per Week: Full-Time, Exempt Summer

Basic Wage: Salaried, Pay Level 13.5

Hired by: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Contract: BSC EA

[Board approved 5/7/15.]