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General Job Description

The Board Administrative Assistant, under the supervision of the President, makes sure that all the BSC members have access to Board, Cabinet and committee minutes and agendas so that the governance decisions of Cabinet, Board and Board committees are recorded accurately and are readily accessible, enabling members to hold Board members and executives accountable to the membership of the BSC.

Specific Job Duties

1. Oversee the Board committee Administrative Assistants in creating minutes for Board committees
a. Organize and conduct AA Training at the start of each semester and facilitate make-up trainings for all committee Administrative Assistants.
b. Monitor and support the committee AAs and ensure the taking of minutes, maintenance of committee websites, and submission of minutes for committee sites and Board Packets
2. Record decisions at Cabinet Meetings and Board Meetings
a. Take detailed minutes in verbatim and summary format as designated and approved by the President
b. Share draft minutes and solicit edits/corrections from those in attendance
c. Incorporate approved edits, finalize minutes, and upload them to the appropriate Google site
d. Prepare and send out Board and Cabinet Meeting Summaries with approval from the President within five days following the meeting
3. Compile packets for Board and Cabinet Meetings in a timely manner in advance of meetings
a. Collect minutes and documents from VPs, AAs, and the President for the Board Packet
b. With direction from the President, print and provide paper copies of the Board Packets and other relevant documents at meetings
c. E-mail the Board Packet out to appropriate listservs (i.e. Board, Cabinet, and Staff)
4. Maintain the Cabinet and Board Websites
a. Update the Board/Cabinet Rosters, the Board Archives, Policy Wiki, and other components of the Cabinet and Board Websites at the direction of the President
b. Upload Cabinet/Board Minutes and Minute Summaries
5. Work on special administrative/institutional memory projects as approved by the President
6. Assist with planning and logistical preparations (e.g. securing venues, arranging for food, procuring printed materials/supplies, assistance with set-up/clean-up) for a wide-variety of governance-related meetings, including but not limited to: Board, Cabinet, Board/Cabinet Trainings, Elections, and General Membership Meetings
7. Oversee the tracking of Board member attendance at committees and Board and report to the President and Operations Assistant on a weekly basis
8. Administer the Online Governance Portal
a. Moderate proposals and comments to ensure that they meet the established guidelines (i.e. are governance-related, appropriate communications, etc.)
b. Notify Cabinet when proposals meet the threshold per policy section I.D.7.
c. Notify members and follow up as needed when proposals meet the required threshold and will be discussed by Cabinet and/or other bodies
9. Other duties as assigned by the President

Required Skills/Knowledge for Job Performance

1. Excellent oral and written communication skills
2. Ability to work on a timeline and complete assignments promptly and efficiently
3. Experience in training and supervising others
4. The ability to type at least 75 words per minute

Preferred skills/Knowledge for Job Performance

1. Knowledge of the BSC organizational structure
2. Experience with Google Applications, including Google Sites, Google Drive, and MediaWiki

Entry-Level Requirements

1. Must be an eligible BSC member
2. Must commit to consistently working on Cabinet and Board Meeting dates announced by the President (typically Thursday evenings), with the ability to make arrangements with the President in advance for an excused absence in exceptional circumstances

Term of job: Highly prefer a commitment of at least two consecutive academic semesters

Expected Hours per week: Average of 12 hours/week for Fall/Spring; 5 hours/week for Summer

Basic pay rate: Workshift rate

Hired by: Member Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: President

Terms and Conditions of Employment: BSC Personnel Code