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General Job Description:

The chief responsibility of the Berkeley City Liaison is to serve as a liaison between the BSC and external entities, primarily the Berkeley City Council. Berkeley City Liaison will ensure representation of the BSC and its interests to the Berkeley City Council by: attending regular city council meetings that have agenda items relevant to the Berkeley Student Cooperative, meeting with City Council members, investigating modes of Berkeley resources and support for the BSC communicating with Cabinet, Board, and the membership on relevant City Council Agenda items, and drafting appropriate policies as necessary to bring to City Council. They will attend all relevant BSC External Affairs Committee as determined by the Vice President of External Affairs and will meet regularly with the BSC Vice President of External Affairs.

Administrative Tasks

1. Make contact at the beginning of each semester with the BSC President, Vice President of External Affairs, and Executive Director detailing what areas or issues are most important for the liaison to prioritize.
a. Provide the BSC President, Vice President of External Affairs and Executive Director with regular updates on the actions of City Council that involve the BSC and relevant topics.
2. Arrange meetings with City Council members and appropriate BSC Executives and staff.
3. Maintain an open line of communication between the BSC and the City Council.
4. Appear at a City Council meeting at the beginning of each semester, introducing themselves and their achieved goals and/or plans for the semester.
5. Attend External Affairs Committee and BSC Board of Directors meetings as requested by the Vice President of External Affairs. Attend meetings and focus groups held by City Council members as necessary and as determined by the VPEA.
6. Coordinate with ASUC, Graduate Assembly, the Inter-Fraternity Council and other campus organizations on issues before City Council that affect students in general, as well as BSC members.
7. Mobilize BSC membership to attend City Council meetings that specifically benefit from the membership testifying in large numbers.
8. Edit and leave an exit document.
9. Update a “work log” weekly to be sent to their supervisor for their review. This document will be only for the supervisor and board.
10. Continuously update (at least once a month) a manual containing the best practices, projects, weekly tasks, workshops, and other resources necessary to perform the Berkeley Liaison position. This document is encouraged to be made public.

General Tasks

1. Direct any needs of the BSC to the attention of City Council, suggesting appropriate courses of action to address said needs.
2. Work with City Council members to draft policies that support the BSC and affordable student housing.
3. Track and record relations between the BSC and the City of Berkeley (i.e. significant interactions, sponsorships, funding) on a Wiki page or similar open source site.
4. Educate BSC members on the City policies relevant to the BSC.
5. Recruit relevant members to work on BSC related policies or proposals for the City Council.
6. Educate BSC members about City Council elections and candidates.
7. Network with City Council members as needed.

Term of position: Academic Year

Supervisor: Vice President of External Affairs

Hired by: Hiring Committee

Expected hours per week: 5 hours/week

Created by Board 03/22/12