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General Job Description: The Assistant CFS Supervisor is responsible for supporting Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers in providing quality food services at the house-level and ensuring that refuse/recycling services run smoothly. They are responsible for training Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers, providing ongoing support, and facilitating communication between the house and central level.

The Assistant CFS Supervisor provides back-up and assistance to the CFS Supervisor in receiving and supervising BSC warehouse operations. The Assistant CFS Supervisor is also responsible for completing additional projects as assigned by the CFS Supervisor.

Specific Responsibilities:

Unit-Level Food Service Support
1. In conjunction with the Member Resources Supervisor and ETCom, develop a detailed agenda and conduct Kitchen Manager Trainings.
2. Ensure that all units have a certified Food Service Manager by providing appropriate training and testing for Kitchen Managers.
3. Develop and implement various additional training and resource materials, including workshops, written materials, a Kitchen Manager Google site, training videos, etc.
4. Provide on-going support to Kitchen Managers, acting as a resource for ordering, budgeting, cook management, meeting members’ dietary needs, etc. and fulfilling all the liaison responsibilities outlined in the Manager Oversight Policy.
5. Meet individually with all Kitchen Managers by Week 7 and Week 12 to assess performance and provide feedback and support.
6. Develop on-going training content and hold monthly Kitchen Manager Meetings with other staff as needed.
7. With input from Kitchen Managers, determine which food and kitchen items are offered in the on-line ordering database, within the guidelines provided by the Operations Committee.
8. In conjunction with the Purchasing Agent, act as a resource for training and trouble-shooting relating to the on-line ordering database.
9. Coordinate the repair, replacement, and inventory of commercial kitchen equipment.
10. Support Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers in addressing Habitability and City Safety Inspection deficiencies.
11. Regularly review pest control inspection reports and work with Kitchen and Waste Reduction Managers to address pest control issues related to food service and refuse/recycling.
Warehousing Management Tasks
1. Provide coverage to the Warehouse Supervisor in overseeing day-to-day warehousing and delivery operations, including training and directing student staff and workshift employees, as needed.
2. Assist the Warehouse Supervisor in following proper receiving procedures by ensuring that all deliveries from vendors are inspected, checked, and signed for.
3. Assist the Warehouse Supervisor in taking inventories and implementing improved inventory management systems.
4. Provide office coverage and respond to inquiries from house-level managers, employees, and vendors.
5. Act as the Warehouse Supervisor in their absence.
Waste Reduction Coordination
1. Train and supervise the Waste Reduction Coordinator and Waste Reduction Assistant and provide support in their coordination of the BSC’s refuse and waste reduction programs.
2. Support the Waste Reduction Coordinator, (along with the Member Resources Supervisor and ETCom), in designing and delivering semesterly Waste Reduction Manager training.
3. Support the Waste Reduction Coordinator in developing and implement various additional training and resource materials, including workshops, written materials, a Waste Reduction Google site, training videos, etc.
4. Review regular waste audits, coordinate with the City of Berkeley and other waste/reuse vendors, and adjust refuse and recycling pick-up schedules for the units and the central-level each term (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
5. Make recommendations to FiCom and work Waste Reduction Managers to develop methods for reducing refuse expenses.

Skills/Knowledge required for job performance:

1. Acquired understanding of BSC policies related to food service, habitability and food safety guidelines, and City of Berkeley commercial kitchen standards.
2. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
3. Ability to analyze complex systems and suggest/implement improvements.
4. Excellent organizational skills.
5. Ability to learn quickly and work under pressure in a busy warehouse and office environment.
6. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects.
7. Ability to work well with a diverse array of people, and students in particular.
8. Ability to organize projects involving multiple stakeholders.
9. Tact, firmness, and a willingness to enforce BSC policy and habitability standards.
10. Intermediate computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Excel and database experience.
11. Ability to type 50 WPM.
12. Ability to pass and maintain food service manager and proctor/trainee certification.

Entry level experience/education required:

1. Two years college.
2. Previous food service experience.
3. Previous supervisory experience.
4. Previous training experience.

Additional Experience Preferred:

1. Previous experience as a Kitchen Manager

Additional Requirements: Work is performed in a normal office environment and requires the ability to operate a computer keyboard, 10-key calculator, and engage in repetitive motions.

Term of Job: Indefinite

Hours per Week: 40

Basic Pay Wage: Hourly, Step 9

Hired By: Staff Hiring Committee

Immediate Supervisor: CFS Supervisor

Contract: BSC EA

[Board approved 5/7/15.]