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General Description

The Administrative Member Advisor is the primary resource for members making requests to the BSC Administrative Committee. The Administrative Member Advisor is obliged to attend all Administrative Committee (AdCom) meetings, AdHoc meetings, screening meetings, and to assist members with requests that come before the committee, as well as in any potential appeals of those decisions. The Administrative Member Advisor will also serve as a resource to the membership, being available via office hours, phone, and email to answer administrative questions and provide guidance on BSC administrative policies and procedures.

Administrative Member Advisor Specific Duties

1. Publicize the Administrative Member Advisor’s services to the general membership.
a. Post fliers at the Central Office and at each Unit.
b. Make announcements at New Member Orientations and Unit-Level Manager trainings at the beginning of each semester.
c. Make a cell phone number available to the general membership.
2. Consult with and support members.
a. Hold consistent drop-in hours every week.
b. Meet with members when advice is requested or when a request is referred.
c. Provide advice to members, including interpretations of the BSC member contract, workshift policies, and the Administrative Code.
d. Provide members with all relevant BSC documents, policies, etc., at their request.
e. Be thoroughly familiar with relevant BSC documents such as the current BSC member contract, Administrative Code, Conduct Code, and unit-level managerial policies.
f. Refer issues that do not require AdCom’s approval to the appropriate central-level staff person.
3. Assist members with administrative concerns at all levels.
a. Seek information and resources from Central Level supervisors and managers and work collaboratively to find appropriate solutions to members’ administrative issues.
b. In collaboration with the AdCom Chair, ensure all cases are prepared for AdCom screening meetings.
c. Meet with the Operations Manager and the AdCom Chair to screen AdCom cases.
d. Attend all AdCom and AdHoc meetings.
e. Ensure that members understand relevant policy and the steps to properly pursue the request or appeals process, as needed.
f. Summarize and present a member’s request to the Administrative Committee in their absence.
g. Attend all AdCom Appeal screening meetings.
h. Support the member or act as a facilitator at unit level termination hearings involving violations of unit-level or BSC administrative policies and/or workshift issues.
4. Miscellaneous
a. Maintain the confidentiality of all requests and issues, the parties’ identities, and any other information gathered while assisting members or in the course of preparing for a request and release the information to others only in accordance with BSC policies and procedures.
b. Take appropriate steps to protect digital information and written documents from accidental disclosure.
c. Maintain a thorough knowledge of BSC policies and procedures.
d. Meet with the Operations Manager on a bi-monthly basis.
e. Respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours.
f. Create and maintain manuals, calendar, resource list, and exit documents on a semesterly basis to provide continuity for the next Administrative Member Advisor.
g. Maintain an understanding of BSC conduct policies/procedures and be willing to fill in for the Conduct Member Advisor in the event of unavailability or conflict of interest.
h. Other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager and/or as dictated by BSC policy.

Skills/Knowledge Required for Job Performance

1. Strong organizational skills, including ability to balance multiple, competing priorities and requests under strict deadlines.
2. Experience conducting interviews and gathering facts about administrative issues.
3. Experience handling sensitive and confidential information.
4. Excellent oral advocacy skills.
5. Thorough knowledge of BSC Member Contract and administrative and conduct policies and procedures.
6. Understanding of and demonstrated ability to maintain strong professional boundaries when contacted about a pending or completed requests and/or investigations.

Term of Job: Indefinite (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Hours per Week: 8

Basic Pay Rate: Workshift Rate

Hired by: Hiring Commission

Immediate Supervisor: Operations Manager

Working Conditions By: BSC Personnel Code

Created: Summer 2015, Updated Summer 2016