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Common BSC Acronyms

17Cs – The Section of BSC bylaws that allow for extenuating circumstances (for housing contracts) to be heard by AdCom.

AA – Administrative Assistant

AdCode – Administrative Code

AdCom – Administrative Committee, chaired by the AdCom Chair

ASUC – Associated Students of the University of California. This is the student government of UC Berkeley.

BAPs – Board Approved Projects

Board Pack – The packet that goes to Board Reps before board meetings with policies, minutes, etc.

Board – Board of Directors

BSC – Berkeley Student Cooperative

BMD - BSC Members Digest (A newsletter from CO)

BSCAA – Berkeley Students Cooperative Alumni Association. This is a separate non-profit made up of alumni of the BSC that help with fundraising and social events.

BSCEA – Berkeley Student Cooperative Employee Association. Also the USCAEA: USCA Employee Association.

BSCIT - BSC Information Technology, a set of standards and pool of funding for purchasing computers and internet equipment at the houses

CExM - Cooperative Experience Manager

CFS - Central Food and Supply (Central Warehouse)

CK – Central Kitchen, technically Central Warehouse

CL – Central Level

CM – Central Maintenance

CO – Central Office

CODA – Coordinator for outreach diversity & anti-discrimination

ConCom – Conduct Committee, chaired by the ConCom Chair

CZ – Casa Zimbabwe

DAC – Disability Access Coordinator

DARCom - Development & Alumni Relations Committee

DSP - Disabled Students’ Program

EA - Employee Association

EACom – External Affairs Committee. Chaired by VPEA.

ED – Executive Director

EDRC – Executive Director Review Committee

EDRCRC – Executive Director Review Committee Review Committee – a committee that reviewed the EDRC process.

EOP - Educational Opportunity Program

ESC – Emergency Services Coordinator

ETCom – Education & Training Committee, formerly Member Services Member Education Committee. Chaired by VPET, formerly VPMA

FiCom – Finance Committee!

GMM – General Membership Meeting

HabCode – Habitability Code

HABR - House Account Budget Summary

HAPs – House Approved Projects

HEC - Health Education Coordinator

HiCom – Hiring Committee. An ad-hoc committee made up of people who are “Hi-Com” trained who, you guessed it, hire employees!

HiCom Chair – Hiring Committee Chair

Hip House – Hillegass-Parker (cross streets) House

HLBAPs – Pronounced “Hell-Baps.” House Labor Board Approved Projects. When Board approves money for supplies where the labor comes from the house’s cooperative residents.

HM – House Manager

KM – Kitchen Manager

MCCL - Mediation & Conduct Committee Liaison

MEC - Member Education Coordinator

MEC – Member Events Coordinator. Formerly the SMUC (Social Managers Underfunded Collective) chair

ML - Maintenance Liaison

MM – Maintenance Manager

MRC - Member Resources Coordinator

MRN – Member Resource Newsletter

MT - Maintenance Technician

NASCO – North American Students of COoperation. This is an umbrella organization that helps to enhance the cooperative movement throughout North America. We contribute a large portion of its finances and make up a large portion of its membership. Any NASCO member (which all USCA members are) can stay at any other NASCO house for a limited but significant amount of time! Sweet!

NMO – New Member Orientation

NECM - Non-Executive Cabinet Member

OM - Operations Manager

PerCom - Personal Claim Committee (Staff)

PMO - Prospective Member Orientation

Policy Wiki - Fundamental guide to the policies of the BSC located at

PopCom – Policy and Operations Committee. Chaired by VPIA. Split into two committees in Spring 2010: OpCom, chaired by VPO, and HRCom, chaired by VPIA

PRC – President Review Committee

ShiCom - Staff Hiring Committee

SMT - Senior Maintenance Technician

STEAM – Supervisory TEAM (STEAM… get it?), made up of Managers at Central Office

SumCom - Summer Committee for when there is no full board

USCA – University Students Cooperative Association, the original name of the BSC.

VOC – Vote of Confidence. Compensation Elections. At Board (President, VPs, SEC). At House level (compensated manager positions).

VPCF – Vice President of Capital & Finance

VPEA – Vice President of External Affairs

VPET – Vice President of Education & Training

VPIA – Vice President of Internal Affairs

WM – Workshift Manager

WRC – Waste Reduction Coordinator