XXIV: BSC Pet Policy

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Warm blooded animals are not allowed in the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

XXIII.1. Purpose

A. To insure a safe environment for members

B. To minimize number of animals & avoid problems associated w/large pet pop

C. To minimize the spread of allergens in the common living spaces

XXIII.2. Penalties

Discovery of an unauthorized pet leads to the following remediation:

A. 1st Offence within a fiscal year:

1) Up to $250 individual/$500 fine assessed to house/apartment complex where pet is discovered.
a. If the owner of the pet is readily identified, only the owner is billed. If the owner cannot be identified, the room or unit the pet belongs to is billed. If the room or apartment unit the pet belongs to cannot be identified the entire house/apartment complex is billed.
b. Apartment complex is an entire apartment including all apartment units (e.g. Rochdale).
c. Helper Animals are not subject to the pet policy.
2) A 15 day notice is given.
3) Member must remove the pet within 15 days or their membership will be terminated
4) Central housekeeping cleaning of common spaces billed to the house/apartment unit as needed.
5) If the pet is discovered in an unoccupied room or apartment complex common area that room will also be cleaned by central housekeeping. This cost is also billed to the house/apartment unit.

B. Repeat Offence (w/same or different pet)

1) The fine is doubled based on what was last assessed in the same fiscal year.
2) The same steps of pet removal and cleaning as above are taken.
3) A member with more than one offence of pet policy is subject to eviction.