XXIII: Boarders

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1. The cost of Fall and Spring boarding contracts for apartment residents shall be reduced by the amount that they already pay as overhead in their rent.

2. A boarder shall be charged $25 plus 3 days of food following cancellation of his/her contract.

3. The deposit for boarders shall be $125.

4. Houses must require boarders to do workshifts. 7-night and 5-night boarders are required to do two hours of workshifts per week. Full boarders are required to do three hours of workshifts per week. The down hour termination cap is 10 hours for all boarders.

5. Boarders may opt for nineteen meals a week (full board), seven meals a week (dinner only) or five meals a week (dinner only).

6. A full boarder may become a dinner boarder without penalty. S/he must notify the BSC office three days in advance of his/her change.

7. A boarder who has terminated his/her contract during the semester (as defined by the University calendar) without meeting any of the provisions of IV.B.1. shall be responsible for paying three days board charges following the date of written notice to the BSC office and $25 (as of Spring 2008) of his/her deposit shall be retained by the BSC as per the boarding contract.

8. All boarders shall be charged from the day they commence boarding. See section IX.D


1. Each house council may specify how many boarders they are willing to be assigned by the central level. If a house does not specify to the central office the number of boarders they want assigned, the central office will cap the number of boarders at twenty percent of the house’s room capacity.

2. Members living at Rochdale Village, Fenwick Weaver’s Village, and Northside Apartments will be given preferential assignment as boarders.

[ Board approved 5/8/14.]

3. Up to seven centralized boarding spots at the African American Theme House will be reserved for winners of the Don Foster Boarder Scholarship. Afro house may not reserve all of their centralized boarding spots for scholarship recipients.

a. Current members of the UC Berkeley African American Theme Program are eligible for the scholarship. Recipients will be determined by the scholarship committee within the house.
b. The Housing Supervisor will be notified of the recipients and alternates seven days prior to the start of each semester.
c. Scholarship recipients will have five business days to sign their contract once boarder applications are open. If some spaces remain unclaimed after five days, alternates will be given an additional two days to sign a contract.
d. Scholarship recipients will pay their own security deposit and application fee. The scholarship funding will be paid to the BSC from Afro house after recipients have signed their contracts, but within the first two weeks of the contract period.

4. All decentralized boarders must be approved by house council.


1. House-level boarders are not members and do not receive points.

2. Full boarders shall receive one half point per semester. Dinner only and weekday dinner only boarders shall receive one-quarter point per semester. Co-op apartment residents may not receive additional points for boarding. Boarders must have a contract for at least 42 days to get their points.