XXII: Apartment Assignment Procedure

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A. Definitions

1. A “remaining resident” is a member who resides in an apartment and will continue to reside in the same apartment the following term.

2. A “Rochdale transfer” is a member who resides at Rochdale and transfers to another Rochdale apartment during pull-in weekend. A “Fenwick transfer” is a member who resides at Fenwick and transfers to another Fenwick apartment during pull-in weekend.

3. A “pull-in” is a member not residing in the apartment who is eligible and is pulled into an apartment for residence the following contract term. All pull-ins must at least have 3/4 of a point to be eligible for Rochdale & Fenwick. For Northside, all pull-ins must have at least 2 points, 2 semesters as a registered non-member roommate, or combination of both.

4. A “bidding team” is one or more members who win a spot or spots in an apartment during bidding night.

5. An “assigned member” is a member who is assigned an apartment spot via the normal assignments procedure.

6. A “Northside roommate” is a BSC member pulled-in to a Northside one-bedroom by a one-person winning team.

7. A “Northside non-member roommate” is someone who is not a BSC member brought into a Northside one bedroom by a one-person winning team.

8. A "Fenwick roommate" is a BSC member someone pulled-in to a Fenwick one-bedroom by a one-person winning team. Roommates in Fenwick will be restricted to current BSC members.

9. One person may occupy a one-bedroom in Fenwick or Northside and will pay administrative overhead for just one person.

B. Pull-ins

1. Following the transfer/cancellation deadline remaining current residents may fill vacancies in their apartments by pulling-in applicants from the Eligibility List.

2. Each remaining current resident and/or Rochdale/Fenwick transfer may pull-in only one eligible member.

3. There will be a set timeframe for the pull-in process to occur.

4. One or two members may bid for a Northside or Fenwick one-bedroom apartment.

5. If an individual member wins a one-bedroom apartment, they may choose a roommate without restriction, except as noted in XXII.A.8.

C. Apartment Bidding Process

1. The Housing Department determines which apartment spaces are open for bidding

2. All eligible members may “submit a bid” by filling out an online “bid form”, or application for a special bidding application period

3. Members rank their housing preferences

a. For purposes of the special bidding application period, a preference is a specific apartment, or space in an apartment

4. Members list their roommate choices (the rest of their bidding team)

a. Members of a bidding team must all mutually list one another
b. All members must be eligible for the apartment; otherwise, no assignment will be made (i.e., all must be UCB students for Rochdale or Fenwick).

5. The highest bidder, or bidding team, for each vacancy is assigned.

D. Spring Apartment Bidding Process

1. The Housing Department determines vacancies in the apartments and notifies eligible current residents if they have pull-in rights

a. The Housing Department manually assigns all valid pull-in requests submitted before the deadline

2. The Housing Department determines which apartment spaces are open for bidding

a. Bidding process then occurs (as outlined in XXII: C)

E. Late Vacancies

1. A late vacancy is created when a member is granted a transfer out of an apartment, cancels their contract, or refuses an offer after the transfer/cancellation deadline.

2. Pull-ins do not have pull-in privileges for the term in which they were pulled-in.

3. If a late vacancy is created by a current resident, only another remaining resident may pull someone in.

4. Each remaining resident may fill only one vacancy in their apartment by the pull-in process.

5. For the first term of residence at Fenwick and Rochdale only: if a late vacancy or transfer vacancy is created by a member of a bidding team, only the remaining members of the team shall have pull-in privileges, provided however, the resulting total point count of the new team is equal or greater than the total point count of the original bid team.

6. When a vacancy occurs, the remaining members shall have forty-eight hours, from the time they are notified, in which to exercise their pull-in privileges.

7. A Northside non-member roommate has no rights to an apartment should their member roommate create a late vacancy.

8. If a vacant apartment becomes available as a result of late cancellations, it shall be held for special bid.

F. Northside Non-Member Roommate Procedure

1. A one-person winning team in a one-bedroom apartment may have a non-member roommate.

2. The one-person winning team must register their non-member roommate with the Central Office prior to their roommate taking up residence. Failure to do so may result in penalties per the BSC Guest Policy.

3. The one-person winning team shall sign a contract addendum acknowledging their responsibilities with regards to their non-member roommate.

4. The one-person winning team will be charged an additional one time fee per semester equal to 20% of the Northside one bedroom rate.

5. The Northside non-member roommate must comply with all BSC conduct policies, and all conduct related cases will be enforced per the conduct policies for non-members.

6. The Northside non-member roommate must comply with all BSC apartment workshift policies.

G. Miscellaneous Clarifications

1. All apartments not assigned in the manner prescribed above will be assigned by the Housing Department as prescribed in the assignment priority outlined in section V.A.

2. Under no circumstances shall “Fenwick or Northside roommates” have pull-in rights. Roommates must vacate their apartment at the end of the term for which the vacancy occurred.

3. After one term of residence, pull-ins, bidders, and transfers have all the rights and privileges of remaining residents at Fenwick and Rochdale. See section G7 below for specific provisions governing Northside pull-in rights.

4. The winning bidding team must move into the apartment together and live in the apartment for at least six weeks in order to earn squatters’ rights.

5. Pull-in / Bidding Process

A. If the winning team dissolves before the beginning of the contract period, the remaining members may pull-in to beat the highest losing bid, or lose the apartment.
B. If the team dissolves after they move in but prior to six weeks into the contract period, the remaining team members may pull-in to beat the highest losing bid.

6. Pull-ins

A. A member who pulls in must live with the person being pulled in for at least six weeks for the pull-in-ee to earn squatter’s rights.
B. If the pull-in-er cancels before the contract period begins, the pull-in-ee loses the spot.
C. If the pull-in-er cancels prior to six weeks, the pull-in-ee may remain in the apartment for that semester, but does not earn squatter’s rights.

7. Northside pull-ins

Pulled-in members at Northside have restricted squatter’s rights. Highest Losing Bids are established for each Northside one-bedroom apartment at the completion of bidding. In the event a winning bidder vacates the apartment, the remaining member of the bidding team may hold the apartment alone only if they beat the highest losing bid with their points. Otherwise, they must pull-in another member (with at least 2 points). When the final member of the bidding team vacates, the remaining member (who was pulled-in) will gain squatter’s rights for the apartment if they can pull-in to beat the highest losing bid. Otherwise, they must vacate at the end of the term, and the apartment will be put up for bid.

8. Wheelchair accessible units at Northside must be offered according to the following order of priority:

1. Non-UC Berkeley students who require wheelchair accessible accommodations.
2. UC Berkeley Students who require wheelchair accessible accommodations.
3. The general membership.

This ordering supersedes squatters rights. No contract may be offered to groups 2 or 3 until after the cancellation deadline.

9. These policies are to be interpreted reasonably and consistently. In case of conflict, the ultimate interpretation shall be given by the BSC Administrative Committee.

[Board approved 4/16/15, amended 4/18/19] [Updated 8/7/19]