XX: Habitability

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A. Member Responsibility: Members are required to abide by Section III.A.7 the Central Level Workshift Policy. In addition, members are expected to act responsibly and cooperatively when attempting to solve problems of residence habitability or other problems which may arise in the course of membership. In particular, it is expected that solutions shall first be sought at the individual level, in consultation with the unit management. Then, if necessary, solutions shall be sought at Central level (i.e. the Operations Manager, Central Maintenance, etc.), and finally at the Administrative Committee and the Board of Directors.

B. Unit Responsibility: Units are expected to maintain the standards outlined in the Habitability Guidelines.

C. Central Level Responsibility: Central Level maintenance and management are expected to realize the importance of habitability and to give appropriate priority to problems referred to them from the units.

D. AdCom will not consider appeals based on habitability unless all other courses of action as outlined in XXI.A have been pursued.