XIV: BSC Payment Extensions

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A. The purpose of Payment Extensions on payment due dates shall be to provide alternate payment dates to members for the payment of BSC bills, when, because of unexpected circumstances, they are temporarily short of funds and are unable to obtain funds elsewhere.

B. Members regularly receiving government income assistance or support through entitlement acts may request and be granted a payment due-date schedule with monthly payments rather than tri-semesterly.

C. The maximum individual payment extension shall not exceed one rent payment, and the due date shall not exceed the last day of the semester without the AdHoc Committee’s approval. All applicants and recipients are subject to the usual rules regarding payment of bills and delinquency charges.

D. Each applicant shall fill out a payment extension application form. All payment extension applications must be received on or before the due date in question.

E. When the applicant submits an appeal to AdCom, they shall be required to provide the following information, which shall be kept confidential among BSC staff, AdCom, and any agencies involved in collection of delinquent accounts:

1. Amount requested and proposed payment date(s).
2. Reason for request, with supporting documentation.
3. Anticipated source of funds for repayment, with supporting documentation.

F. Staff shall administer payment extensions. Payment Extensions shall be granted on the basis of need and financial responsibility. AdCom or staff shall have the power to deny any request for payment extension for reasonable cause. Members may appeal any payment arrangement decision of staff to AdCom